How to Get a $250 Limit Apple Card

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If you’re loking for a credit card with a low credit limit, the Apple Card might be the perfect solution for you. With an initial credit limit of $250, the Apple Card is designed to give people with less than perfect credit scores access to the benefits of having a credit card.

Apple has designed this card with convenience and security in mind. The application process is simple and straightforward, and can be completed in just a few minutes. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive your Apple Card in the mail within just two weeks.

The Apple Card also comes with several perks that make it an attractive option for those with less than perfect credit scores. For example, if you make your payments on time every month, you’ll earn daily cash back rewards that can be used towards purchases at any Apple store or online store. Additionally, all purchases made using your Apple Card are protected by their purchase protection plan, which means that if something goes wrong with your purchase, you’ll be covered up to a certain amount.

The low credit limit of $250 makes it easier for those who are new to using credit cards or have bad credit histories to take control of their finances without overspending or getting into too much debt. However, it’s important to remember that even though the initial limit may be low, it can still be increased over time as long as you consistently make your payments on time and demonstrate responsible use of the card.

Overall, if you’re loking for a low-cost way to build up your credit score and gain access to some great rewards programs at the same time, then the Apple Card could be just what you need. With its simple application process and generous rewards program, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this card as their go-to choice for building their credit history!

Typical Apple Card Credit Limit

The typical Apple Card credit limit varies depending on a variety of factors, such as your credit history and income. Generally, the initial credit limit is around $2,500, though some people have reported getting limits as high as $20,000. It’s important to note that you can request a higher credit limit if you feel your current one is not sufficient for your needs.

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Understanding How Apple Card Credit Limit Is Determined

The Apple Card credit limit is determined by a variety of factors, including your income, current debt obligations, and your payment history with other credit cards. To make the best decision for you, our system looks at your total financial picture and considers your past payments and debt levels. Your credit limit is established at the time of approval, and may be adjusted in the future based on your payment history. We strive to provide customers with a personalized experience that will meet their needs.

Can I Get a Credit Card With a $300 Limit?

Yes, you can get a credit card with a $300 limit. The Total Visa® Card is an unsecured credit card that offers a $300 spending limit for all new cardholders, regardless of their credit history. There is no deposit required to activate the card, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a low-limit line of credit. With the Total Visa® Card, users also have access to online account management and 24/7 customer service.

Can I Get an Apple Card with a 500 Credit Score?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will be approved for the Apple Card with a credit score of 500. Apple states that customers with a credit score lower than 600 might not be approved for the Apple Card, and as your score falls beow this threshold, it is unlikely that you will be approved. If you are looking to build your credit, there are other options available to you such as secured credit cards. With these cards, you place a refundable deposit which acts as collateral for the card and can often help improve your credit score over time.


In conclusion, the Apple Card credit limit is typically around $2,500 to start, although some cardholders report higher limits. The exact amount of the initial credit limit depends on an assessment of your income and existing debt payments. People with a credit score lower than 600 may not be approved for the Apple Card, but applicants with fair credit (between 580-669) may still be accepted. Ultimately, the Total Visa® Card offers a $300 spending limit regardless of your credit history as an unsecured card with no deposit required for activation.

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