Where is The Warden In The Safari Zone?

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The Safari Zone is a popular location for Pokémon trainers to catch rare and powerful Pokémon, but few know that the Safari Zone actually has a warden living within it. The warden, who remains unnamed, is responsible for keeping the area safe and ensuring that all visitors abide by the rules. He is also known to be a bit of an eccentric character, with a very peculiar speech impediment.

To find the Safari Zone Warden, trainers must first pay the 500 entrance fee at the entrance of the Safari Zone. Once inside, they will need to head north as far as they can go in Fuchsia City and enter the building at the top. Inside this building, they will find the Warden’s house where he resides.

The Warden is friendly and welcoming to visitors of the Safari Zone, but his speech impediment makes it difficult to understand what he’s saying. To fix this issue, trainers must find his Gold Teeth which are hidden somewhere in the area. Once trainers have found these teeth and returned them to their owner, they will be rewarded with HM04 (Strength).

So if you’re looking for an adventure in Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone don’t forget to look out for its mysterious warden!

Where is The Warden In The Safari Zone? 1

Location of the Safari Warden in Blue

The Safari Warden in Blue is located in the house next door to the Safari Zone. This house can be found on the east side of the Safari Zone, directly opposite the entrance. Once inside, you’ll find the Warden standing in front of a desk. He will be wearing a blue safari hat and carrying a clipboard. If you’re still having trouble finding him, look for a sign on the wall that reads ‘Welcome to the Safari Zone’ – that’s where you’ll find him!

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The Safari Zone Warden is a kind-hearted, if somewhat mysterious, figure who keeps the Safari Zone operational. He rewards those who help him with valuable items such as HM04, which allows players to use Strength in their travels. He can be found in the house next to the Safari Zone and can be easily identified by his speech impediment. To help him out and prove yourself a true hero of the Pokémon universe, you must find his Gold Teeth and return them to him. Doing so will not only reward you with HM04 but also show that you are an exemplary Pokémon trainer.

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