What Does Minecraft Cows Eat?

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Minecraft is a game that offers a lot of opportunities for players to interact with different types of animals. One of the most common and useful animals in the game is the Cow. Cows are essential for providing players with milk and beef, which can be used for various purposes. In this article, we will discuss what Minecraft cows eat and how to breed them.

Minecraft Cows are herbivores, which means they only eat plants. Their primary food source is Wheat. You can obtain wheat by breaking grass, which will drop seeds. Once you have seeds, you can plant them in the ground to grow wheat. Once the wheat has grown, you can harvest it to get wheat that you can use to feed the cows. Feeding cows wheat will activate Love Mode, which means the cow is ready to be bred.

Apart from wheat, cows can also eat other types of plants such as mushrooms and flowers. However, these types of food are not as effective as wheat in activating Love Mode. Therefore, it is recommended to use wheat as the primary food source when breeding cows.

Breeding cows in Minecraft is a straightforward process. Once you have two cows that are in Love Mode, you need to feed them wheat to make them breed. After a few seconds, a baby cow will appear nearby. You can repeat this process to breed more cows and expand your herd.

Minecraft Cows are herbivores that primarily eat Wheat. Feeding cows wheat will activate Love Mode, which is ncessary for breeding. Apart from wheat, cows can also eat other types of plants such as mushrooms and flowers. Breeding cows is a straightforward process that can be done by feeding two cows wheat while they are in Love Mode. cows are an essential animal in Minecraft that provides players with milk and beef, which can be used for various purposes.

What Cows Enjoy in Minecraft

In Minecraft, cows are herbivorous animals and they are attracted to different types of vegetation. The folloing are some of the types of vegetation that cows like in Minecraft:

– Wheat: Cows are attracted to wheat and can be bred using it. To breed cows, the player needs to hold wheat in their hand and right-click on two adult cows that are standing close to each other.

– Hay bales: Cows can eat hay bales, which can be crafted from wheat. Hay bales can also be used to breed cows.

– Grass: Cows can eat grass, which can be found in the wild or grown using grass blocks or dirt blocks with grass on top. Cows can also be lured into a fenced area with grass blocks.

– Flowers: Cows can eat flowers, which can be found in the wild or grown using bone meal on grass blocks.

It is important to note that cows in Minecraft do not like being attacked or killed by players, and they will become aggressive if they are attacked. Additionally, cows can be milked by right-clicking on them with a bucket, and they will drop leather when killed.

what does minecraft cows eat

Caring for Cows in Minecraft

Taking care of cows in Minecraft involves feeding them, breeding them, and providing them with adequate shelter. Here are the steps you can follow to ensure that your cows stay healthy and happy in the game:

1. Feeding: Cows in Minecraft can be fed with wheat, which can be obtained by harvesting wheat crops. Simply hold out the wheat in your hand, and the cow will follow you. Lead the cow back to its pen, and it will start to eat the wheat. Feeding cows is important because it helps to increase their health and also increases their chances of producing milk.

2. Breeding: Breeding cows in Minecraft is easy. Simply have two cows in the same pen, and feed them both wheat. After a few seconds, they will breed and produce a baby cow. Breeding cows is important because it helps to increase their population, which in turn increases the amount of milk and meat that you can obtain.

3. Shelter: Cows in Minecraft need a safe and secure place to live. You can build a simple pen using wooden fences or walls, or you can build a more elaborate barn. Make sure that the pen is large enouh to accommodate all your cows, and that it has a roof to protect them from rain and snow.

4. Milking: Once your cows have reached maturity, you can start to milk them. Hold a bucket in your hand, and right-click on the cow. The cow will then produce a bucket of milk, which you can use for cooking or drinking.

By following these steps, you can take care of your cows in Minecraft and ensure that they are healthy and happy.

Do Cows Require Anything in Minecraft?

Cows require certain things to survive and thrive in Minecraft. Here are some of the essentials that cows need:

– Food: Cows in Minecraft can be fed with wheat. Wheat can be obtained by breaking grass blocks, or by harvesting wheat crops. Feeding cows will replenish their health and, if two cows are fed, will trigger their “Love Mode” wich will result in the birth of a baby cow.

– Water: Cows need water to drink to survive. They will seek out nearby water sources to drink from.

– Space: Cows need enough space to move around in. They should not be kept in cramped or overcrowded areas, as this can cause them to become stressed and unhealthy.

– Protection: Cows are vulnerable to attacks from hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons. They should be kept in a safe and secure area, such as a fenced-off pasture, to protect them from harm.

Cows require food, water, space, and protection to thrive in Minecraft. By providing these essentials, you can ensure that your cows remain healthy and productive.

The Effects of Feeding Wheat to Minecraft Cows

When Minecraft cows eat wheat, they enter into love mode. This is indicated by red hearts appearing above their head. In love mode, cows can be bred to produce baby cows. It is important to note that cows will only enter into love mode if they have not already bred recently, and if there is anther cow nearby to breed with. Additionally, cows will only breed if there is enough space around them, and if they are not being hit or attacked. Therefore, if you want to breed cows in Minecraft, it is important to ensure that all of these conditions are met.


Cows in Minecraft play an important role in the game, as they provide a valuable source of food and materials for players. By usng wheat as bait, players can easily attract and breed cows to populate their farms and create a sustainable source of food. Additionally, cows provide leather, which can be used to create armor and books. It is important to note that cows can also be milked, which is a useful source of food and can be used to create other useful items such as cakes. cows are an essential part of Minecraft gameplay, and players should take advantage of their ability to breed and provide valuable resources.

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