Top 10 Websites to Sell Your Photos and Make Money Online

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Are you a photographer looking for ways to make money from your photos? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of websites out there where you can sell your photos. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur just starting out, these sites make it easy to upload and sell your photos online. Here’s our list of the top 10 photo-selling websites:

1. Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock is a great option for photographers looking to make money with their photos. The site offers pricing plans and royalty rates that vary depending on the type of license you purchase.

2. Shutterstock: Shutterstock is a popular stock photo website that allows photographers to easily upload and sell their work online. They offer competitive royalty rates and the ability to sell exclusive licenses as well as non-exclusive ones.

3. Alamy: Alamy has over 60 million images, making it one of the largest stock photo websites out there. Photographers can earn 50% of every sale when selling on Alamy, without being restricted to selling exclusively with them.

4. Etsy: Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods and vintage items, but they also allow photographers to upload and sell their work too! They have competitive fees and allow customers to purchase prints or digital downloads from your shop’s front page.

5. Fotomoto: Fotomoto is another popular website for selling photos online. It allows photographers to easily create personalized galleries in minutes and easily set prices for their work in any currency they choose.

6. Crestock: Crestock is a great site for photographers looking to get started with stock photography or those who want to expand their portfolio in this area of photography quickly. They have competitive rates and offer exclusive licenses too!

7. 500px: 500px is a great option if you’re looking for more exposure as a photographer since it gets millions of monthly visitors from around the world coming to browse its extensive library of images submitted by talented photographers from all over the world!
8 .Twenty20: Twenty20 is an app-based platform that takes all the hassle out of selling photos online – all you need is an iPhone or iPad camera! Photographers can earn up to 70% commission on each sale they make through Twenty20, which makes it one of the better-paying options out there!

9 .CanStockPhoto: CanStockPhoto makes it easy to turn your photos into cash – simply upload your images, set your own price, and then start making sales! They have competitive royalty rates and offer exclusive licenses as well as non-exclusive ones too!

10 . Dreamstime: Dreamstime makes it easy for amateur photographers to start making money off their work right away – just register on their website and start uploading your photographs within minutes! Photographers can set their own prices per image sold, giving them more control over how much money they make off each sale!

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What Types of Photos Are Most Profitable?

The answer is that candid photos sell the most. Studies have shown that 62% of best-selling photographs are shot in a candid style, while only 38% are posed. Candid photos capture moments in time that evoke emotion and connection with the viewer, making them more appealing than posed shots. To create best-selling photos, focus on capturing spontaneous moments in natural light and environments.

Selling Photographs for Money: A Guide

If you want to sell your photographs for money, there are several options available. Firstly, you cold create and manage your own website where you can showcase and sell your photos. You may need to pay for hosting, but this allows you to have complete control over how your photos are presented and marketed, as well as the prices you set. Alternatively, there are a number of stock photography websites where photographers can upload their photos for sale. These include Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy and 500px. Finally, if you’re looking for a more creative way to market your work, why not consider selling your photographs on Etsy or Fotomoto? These sites offer an easy-to-use platform for selling prints or digital downloads of your photos. Whichever route you choose to take in selling your photographs online, remember that it is important to ensure that all images are of high quality and accurately represent the subject matter being photographed.

Which Stock Photo Site Offers the Highest Pay?

The stock photo site that pays the most is Shutterstock. Photographers can earn up to $120 per image, with a base rate of $0.25 per download. Shutterstock also offers a variety of incentives and bonuses to help maximize earnings. With over 300 million images in their library, photographers can find success selling both exclusive and non-exclusive images.

Can Selling Photos Online Generate Income?

Yes, selling photos online can make money. Depending on the website, you can typically earn around $0.25-$0.45 per sale. The exact amount earned will depend on the site’s royalty rate and pricing method. Some sites like Shutterstock will decide the price for you.

Most stock photo websites offer a tiered pricing system where users can purchase various types of licenses that determine how they are allowed to use the photo. For example, if someone purchases an extended license they may be able to use the photo in advertising campaigns or other commercial projects. In these cases, the photographer can earn higher royalties than if someone purchased a standard license for personal use only.

In addition to earning money from individual sales, some stock photo websites also offer photographers subscription plans or contributor plans with higher royalty rates for regularly uploaded content. It is important to read through each site’s terms and conditions carefully before signing up so that you can maximize your earnings potential.

Overall, selling photos online can be a great way to make money but it is important to keep in mind that it may take time for your portfolio to grow and generate significant earnings.

What Types of Pictures are Most Likely to Sell?

People will buy pictures that have a strong emotional impact, such as those featuring human emotions or relationships, or images of animals and nature. People also tend to purchase pictures that are visually interesting, such as abstract images or ones with bright colors and interesting shapes. Pictures of everyday activities can be popular too, such as someone commuting to work or doing errands. Additionally, people often buy images that represent a certain season or holiday. Finally, photos of transportation, like airplanes and ships, can also be popular purchases in stock photography.

How Much Does Shutterstock Pay Per Image?

Shutterstock pays contributors up to 40% commission each time their content is downloaded. On images, the rate is a flat $0.04 per download, and on videos, it’s 10% of the sale price. As your content is licensed more often, your earnings rate increases. For example, if you have 100 downloads of your images and videos, you could earn up to $4 for each image and up to 10% for each video download.

Can You Earn Living Selling Photos?

Yes, you can make a living selling photo. You’ll need to build up a large portfolio of high-quality images that appeal to your target market. Once you’ve done this, there are many stock photography sites available where you can sell your photos and earn commissions. Popular sites include iStock, BigStock, and Shutterstock. Generally, how much you earn will depend on the size and quality of your portfolio and the demand for your photos. Many photographers are able to generate consistent income from their portfolios over time.

Which Site Offers the Best Payout for Photos?

The best-paying site for photos depends largely on the quality of the images and the demand for them, but generally speaking, Shutterstock is one of the best-paying sites. Shutterstock pays up to $120 per image for exclusive content and up to $28 for regular content. Alamy pays a minimum of $20 per image and can go up to hundreds of dollars depending on usage rights. iStockPhoto pays from 15% to 45% royalties on every image sold, but exclusivity can lead to higher commissions. 500px pays a royalty rate of 60% or more depending on how much an image sells for, while Getty Images pays anywhere from 20% to 45%. Finally, Stocksy pays a flat 50% commission rate regardless of how much an image sells.

What Is The Best App for Selling Photos?

The best photo-selling app is Shutterstock. It is a popular platform for both professional and amateur photographers to sell their work. The platform allows you to upload high-quality photos and videos, set your own prices, and track your sales performance. You can also manage the licensing rights for your images, so you can control how they are used online. Additionally, Shutterstock offers great customer service and makes it easy to get paid quickly via PayPal or direct deposit. With its expansive library of over 200 million images, the app provides a great way to make passive income while showcasing your work.

What is the Appropriate Price for Selling My Photos?

The amount you should charge to sell your photos depends on a variety of factors. Firstly, consider the level of work and resources involved in the photography process. Professional photographers may be able to ask for higher prices than amateur photographers. Secondly, it is important to consider your experience and portfolio when determining an appropriate price for selling your photos. If you have a large portfolio of professional-looking images, you can likely ask for a higher price than someone with a limited amount of experience or portfolio.

Thirdly, think about how you plan to market and distribute your images. You will likely be able to charge more if you plan to use paid advertising channels or have access to exclusive platforms like stock photo websites. Lastly, consider the terms of use that you are offering when selling your photos. Generally speaking, you can expect to get anywhere between $20 and $50 per image if you are simply licensing usage rights; however, if a buyer wants a complete copyright buyout then they may be willing to pay more money.


In conclusion, there are many ways to make money selling photos online. The top 10 photo selling websites that can be used to sell photos include your own website, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Etsy, Fotomoto, Crestock, 500px, CanStockPhoto, and Dreamstime. Each website has its own unique features and upload requirements and photographers will need to research which platform is the best fit for their needs. Generally speaking though, the average photographer can expect to make around $0.25-$0.45/sale when selling on stock photo websites with the exact amount depending on royalty rates and the site’s pricing method. With so many choices available for selling photos online there is sure to be an option that works for you!

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