How to Use RØDE GO with Your iPhone?

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Are you looking to take your iPhone video recordings to the next level? Look no further than RØDE’s Wireless Go II system. This system provides an easy way for you to pair your iPhone with a high-quality directional microphone – the VideoMic Me-L – and capture superior audio quality for your videos.

To get started, simply plug in the VideoMic Me-L into your iPhone’s Lightning port. This microphone is specially designed for capturing precise audio for video recordings, with its super-cardioid polar pattern ensuring that unwanted background noise is minimized and the sound of your subject is captured clearly. The lightweight design of this mic also makes it easy to use in any recording situation, whether you’re shooting a vlog or filming a live event.

Once it’s connected, you can control the Wireless Go II system directly from your phone via its dedicated app. With this app, you can adjust levels on both the microphone and receiver individually, so you’ll have full control over the sound quality of your recordings. You can also set up multiple receivers if needed – great when shooting with multiple cameras or using multiple microphones at once.

Using this system is a great way to ensure that you’re capturing clear audio for all of your videos. And if you need to use an external recorder or mixer instead of connecting directly to your phone, no problem! The Wireless Go II also gives you the ability to send audio wirelessly directly from the mic to any external device with its 3.5mm output jack.

So if you want to take your iPhone video recordings up a notch and capture professional-sounding audio every time, then RØDE’s Wireless Go II system is just what you need!

How to Use RØDE GO with Your iPhone? 1

Can Rode Go Be Used With an iPhone?

Yes, you can use the RØDE Wireless Go II system with an iPhone. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You will need to download the free RØDE Connect app from the App Store in order to control the wireless mic system. The app allows you to adjust levels, monitor audio, switch between inputs, and preview recording. Additionally, you can also access advanced settings such as stereo width and high-pass filter.

Connecting a Rode Mic to an iPhone

Yes, you can connect a RØDE VideoMic Me-L microphone to an iPhone. The VideoMic Me-L has a Lightning connector, so it can easily be plugged into the Lightning port of your iPhone or iPad. Once connected, you will be able to record high-quality audio for your videos directly onto your device.

Can Rode Wireless Go Be Used With Phones?

Yes, the Rode Wireless Go works with phones. It is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and tablets via the free Rode Central app. This app allows you to control gain settings, monitor your audio, and access a host of other features to get the most out of your wireless mic setup.


In conclusion, the RØDE Wireless Go II system is a great tool for capturing high-quality audio with an iPhone or iPad. It offers the convenience of wireless control and the digital signal transmission ensures that you get the best audio possible. It also includes a Lavalier GO microphone with a Lightning connector for recording even better sound with your iPhone and iPad. With its easy setup and use, it’s no wonder why the RØDE Wireless Go II system is one of the most popular audio solutions for iOS users.

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