How to Print Selection in Numbers Spreadsheet on Mac

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Are you looing for a way to print only a selection of your Numbers spreadsheet on Mac? With the Numbers app, you can easily do just that.

Printing a Selection in Numbers on Mac

To print a selection in Numbers on Mac:
1. Open the spreadsheet you would like to print.
2. Select the cells, tables, or charts that you wish to print.
3. Choose File > Print or press Command + P. This will open the Print Setup pane with options for printing your selection.
4. In the Print Setup pane, select ‘Selection’ from the drop-down menu next to ‘Print’.
5. To edit the header or footer, click the header or footer fields, then type your text.
6. Click Print to send your document to your printer.

How to Print Selection in Numbers Spreadsheet on Mac 1

Printing a Selection of Cells in Numbers

To print a selection of cells in Numbers, you’ll need to fist select the range of cells you’d like to print. To do this, click and drag your mouse over the required area to highlight the cells. Next, go to File > Print > Print. In the Print Options section, select the option for Current Selection. This will ensure that only your selected area will be printed. Then, check the print preview to make sure that only what you want printed is shown. If it looks correct, select Print to complete the process.

Printing Specific Pages in Numbers

To print only certain pages in Numbers, press Ctrl + P to open the print dialog. In the General tab, select Pages from the Range section. In the text box, enter the page numbers you want to print, separating each number with a comma and using a dash to denote a range of pages. For example, if you wanted to print pages 2-5 and 8-10, you would type “2-5,8-10” into the text box. Once you’ve entered all of your desired page numbers and ranges, click Print.

Printing a Selection

To print only a selection of text from a page, use the following steps:
1. Go to File > Print in your browser or press Ctrl + P on your keyboard to open the Print screen.
2. Choose the printer you want to use from the list of available printers.
3. Under “Print Range”, select “Selection” and click OK.
4. Highlight the text you want to print and select “Print” from the File menu or press Ctrl + P again to send it to the printer.

Setting a Print Area or Printing a Selection of Cells

To set a print area or print just a selection of cells in Microsoft Excel, follow thee steps:
1. On the worksheet, select the cells that you want to define as the print area. Tip: To set multiple print areas, hold down the Ctrl key and click the areas you want to print. Each print area prints on its own page.
2. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Setup group, click Print Area, and then click Set Print Area.
3. In the Sheet Options group, select either Print Selected Cells or Selection Only for Print Contents if you only want to print your selection of cells.
4. Click OK to close out of the window and confirm your settings.
5. When you are ready to print your document, click File > Print and ensure that your selected settings are correct before printing your document.

Printing Part of a Sheet in Numbers

To print part of a sheet in Numbers, first open the sheet in the app. Then click on File > Print. In the Print dialog box that appears, select the Pages option and enter the page numbers of the section you want to print. For example, if you’d like to print page 3-5, enter 3-5 in this field. You can also adjust the zoom level to fit the section you want to print on one page. Once you’re done making adjustments, click Print and your selected pages will be printed out.


In conclusion, Mac Numbers Print Selection is an intuitive and easy to use feature that allows you to print specific selections of your spreadsheet. Through the Print Setup pane or the print dialog box, you can easily select and customize the range of pages or cells to be printed. Additionally, you can also add and edit a header or footer in your selection. With this feature, printing is made simpler and more efficient for all Mac users.

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