Why Macbook Screens are Made of Glass?

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When it comes to Macbook screens, you may have heard that they’re made from glass instead of plastic like other laptops and computer monitors. But what does this mean for you?

Glass is a highly durable material, which is why it’s used on Macbook displays. It provides superior clarity and color accuracy, and since it has fewer seams than plastic, there are fewer places for dirt and dust to accumulate. And because glass is more resistant to scratches, your Macbook display stays looking great longer.

However, it’s important to note that glass isn’t completely impervious to damage. While the glass of a Macbook display is covered with a protective coating and the display itself is surrounded by a bezel (on the conventional Macbook Pro), the glass can still be cracked if something heavy or sharp impacts the screen—particularly near the hinges where the display is more vulnerable. Even a small crack can cause irreparable damage to the display itself.

Because of this vulnerability, it’s important to take good care of your Macbook screen. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or sprays on your display that could potentially damage the coating or weaken the glass. Instead, use a dry cloth such as microfiber for regular cleaning and avoid over-exerting pressure when you press down on your screen during activities like typing or gaming. If you find that something has scratched or damaged your Macbook screen, take it in for professional repair as soon as possible so you can ensure its long-term durability.

Overall, while there are potential risks associated with having a glass screen on your Macbook, its superior clarity and color accuracy make it well worth having—just remember to take good care of it!

Why Macbook Screens are Made of Glass? 1

Are Mac Screens Constructed of Glass?

Yes, Mac screens are made of glass, not plastic like you might find on a PC monitor or laptop. The glass used in Macs is similar to the kind used in smartphones and tablets. It’s designed to be scratch-resistant and durable, ensuring a long lifetime for your device. This is why you should never use LCD monitor wipes or sprays on your Mac screen, as these can damage the glass surface.

Does a Macbook Have Glass?

Yes, Macbooks have glass. In the MacBook Air, the LCD panel itself is made of glass and is exposed, surrounded by a bezel. On the conventional MacBook Pro, it is covered by another piece of glass that goes edge to edge. This outer layer of glass helps to protect the LCD panel from scratches and other damage while also providing a sleek look. Both pieces of glass are smooth to the touch and highly durable, making Macbooks reliable machines.

Do MacBook Screens Crack Easily?

It is true that MacBook screens can be more susceptible to cracking than other laptop screens due to their thin glass construction. While the glass itself is not tempered, it is still very thin and thus vulnerable to damage. Even small cracks can cause irreparable damage to the display, rendering it unusable. As such, it is important to take extra care when handling and using a MacBook to avoid any potential damage or cracking of the screen.


In conclusion, the screens of iMac and MacBook computers are made of glass, rather than plastic like LCD screens. This means that LCD monitor wipes or sprays cannot be used to clean them. The glass is also very thin and fragile, making it prone to cracking both externally and internally near the hinges. If your Macbook screen does crack, Apple will likely charge you for a new display and labor.

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