How To Use Gmt Apple Watch Face

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The GMT Apple Watch Face is the perfect tool for busy travelers and professionals who find themselves crossing multiple time zones. With this feature, you can easily keep track of two different time zones simultaneously on your wrist. The inner 12-hour dial shows local time, and the outer 24-hour dial displays a second-time zone. To make it easier to read at a glance, Rolex created the red and blue bezel for the GMT-Master, where blue hours indicate night and red hours indicate day. This color combination has become known as “Pepsi” because of the cola’s dual-colored logo.

Setting up and reading a GMT Apple Watch face is simple. To set up your watch face, tap on the watch face and then use the crown to select the time zone. Once you have selected your desired time zone, confirm your choice and return to the watch face. The red hand indicates which hour in the second time zone it is currently indicating. To tell the time in a different city or region, rotate the bezel either left or right depending on where that location is relative to your current location. For example, if the second location is behind yours, you would rotate clockwise while if it is ahead of yours, you would rotate counterclockwise.

The GMT Apple Watch Face also allows you to see what time it will be in various other locations around the world without having to adjust your watch each time you cross into another area or region. This can be especially helpful when doing business with people in multiple different countries as well as when planning trips abroad or just wanting to stay informed of what time it is elsewhere in the world without having to research each one manually every single time.

Overall, having a GMT Apple Watch Face can come in handy for those who often find themselves crossing multiple international lines or dealing with customers located around the globe. With its easy setup process and ability to display two different times simultaneously on one display, this feature can make staying up-to-date with global clocks much simpler than ever before!

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Understanding the Functionality of the GMT Watch Face on Apple Watch

The GMT watch face on Apple Watch allows you to easily keep track of two different time zones. The 12-hour inner dial displays the local time, and the 24-hour outer dial shows you the hour in a second-time zone. To make it easy to see which time zone you’re viewing at any given moment, the red hand on the outer dial indicates the hour in the second time zone. Simply rotate the Digital Crown to adjust either of these two time zones. When you’re finished, press firmly on the screen to confirm your choice and return to the watch face.

Using a GMT Watch

Using a GMT watch is relatively simple. The GMT hand on the watch will align with the current local time. To tell the time in a different city, you can rotate the bezel either left or right depending on the location relative to your time zone. If the second timezone is behind, you would rotate the bezel clockwise; if the second timezone is ahead, you would rotate it counterclockwise. Once you have rotated the bezel to line up with your desired time zone, then you can use the hour and minute hands to tell that specific time. Additionally, some GMT watches may also have an additional 24-hour subdial which indicates whether it is day or night in that particular location.

Getting the GMT Time on an Apple Watch

To get the GMT time on your Apple Watch, you will need to access the watch face and then use the Digital Crown (the dial on the side of the watch) to scroll through and select your desired time zone. Once you have found the GMT option, tap it to confirm your selection. You should now be able to see the GMT time displayed on your watch.

The Meaning of the Colors on a GMT Watch Face

The colors on the GMT watch face indicate the time of day. The red indicates daytime hours, while the blue indicates nighttime hours. This “Pepsi” color combination was created by Rolex as a way to make the watch easily readable at a glance for busy pilots and globetrotters. The combination is similar to that of the Pepsi logo, hence its name.

The Meaning of the Red and Blue on a GMT Watch Face

The red and blue on a GMT watch face refers to the 24-hour time scale. The watch face will have a “GMT hand” that points to the 24-hour time scale, which is divided into two halves – red for nighttime hours and blue for daylight hours. This allows you to quickly tell the time in two different time zones, making it a great choice for frequent travelers who need to keep track of multiple time zones at once.

The Special Features of a GMT Watch

A GMT watch is a special type of watch that displays two separate time scales: one for 24-hour and one for 12-hour. This allows the wearer to keep track of two different time zones simultaneously. The 24-hour scale displays Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as UTC or Coordinated Universal Time, which is the international standard for time measurement and is used in international aviation. This allows the wearer to easily tell the difference between day and night in any part of the world, as well as quickly calculate time differences between different locations.

GMT watches are perfect for frequent travelers, international business professionals, pilots, and anyone who needs to keep track of multiple timezones while on the go. They are also great for tracking Daylight Savings Time (DST) changes in different countries. Many GMT watches have additional features such as an alarm or chronograph that can come in handy when traveling.

Overall, GMT watches offer a unique way to keep track of multiple time zones and provide an added layer of convenience when navigating through different countries and cultures around the world.

Setting the GMT Time Zone

To set the GMT time zone, first pull the crown out to the third position. This will move the GMT hand so you can adjust it. Next, rotate the GMT hand until it matches your desired 24-hour time. For example, if you want to set it to 3 PM, you would turn it to 15:00. If you need more accuracy in minutes, simply continue turning the crown until the minute hand reaches your desired minute. Once finished, push the crown back into its original position and your GMT time zone will be set.


In conclusion, the GMT Apple Watch Face is a great choice for busy pilots and globetrotters alike. With its 12-hour inner dial that displays the local time and 24-hour outer dial that lets you track a second-time zone, it’s a perfect way to stay on top of time zones while you’re traveling. The red and blue bezel also makes it easy to tell night from a day at a glance. All in all, this watch face is an invaluable tool for those who are constantly on the go.

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