How To Turn Off Navigation On Apple Watch

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Welcome to our detailed guide on how to turn off navigation on your Apple Watch! With the Apple Watch, you can get directions, connect with friends and family, and stay active without having to carry a phone. But what if you don’t want to be bothered by navigation notifications? Fortunately, it’s easy to turn off these notifications on your Apple Watch.

First, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Then, go to My Watch > Notifications. From here, select Navigation & Direction Notifications and toggle them off. You can also turn off other notifications in this section as well.

If you want more control over when navigation alerts appear on your watch, you can customize certain settings in Maps. On your iPhone, open the Maps app and go to the Settings tab. Here you can turn off alerts for when you arrive at a destination or when you leave a location (if enabled). You can also turn off alerts for traffic incidents or when there is an alternate route available (if enabled).

If you want even more control over your watch’s notification settings, you can disable all notifications from Maps in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Maps and set this to “Never”. This will prevent any notifications from appearing on your watch at all times.

We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to turn off navigation notifications on your Apple Watch!

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Understanding the Causes of Maps Popping Up on Apple Watch

It sounds like you may have Maps notifications enabled on your Apple Watch. To disable these notifications, please go to Settings > Maps > Notifications and toggle the switch off. Additionally, you’ll need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure that Maps is set to “Never”. This should help stop unwanted notifications from appearing on your Apple Watch.
If you’re still having trouble with unwanted notifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know! We’d be happy to help get this issue resolved for you.

Turning Off Haptic Maps on Apple Watch

To turn off haptic feedback for Maps on your Apple Watch, you will need to open the ‘Watch’ app on your iOS device. Once the app is open, select ‘My Watch’ from the tab at the bottom of the screen, and then select ‘Maps’. Under ‘Haptic Strength’, move the toggle switch to the left to turn off haptic feedback. Additionally, you can also turn off haptic feedback for notifications and other apps by navigating to Settings -> Sounds and Haptics, scrolling down to find the ‘Haptic Alerts’ tile, and then moving its toggle switch to the ‘Off’ position.

Turning Off Navigation on an iPhone

To turn off navigation on your iPhone, you’ll need to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure that Location Services is turned on and then scroll down to the app that you would like to turn off navigation for. Tap the app and then select the option ‘Never’. This will prevent access to your location information and effectively turn off navigation for this app.

how to turn off navigation on apple watch


The Apple Watch is an incredibly versatile device that provides a wealth of features to enhance your daily life. With its fitness and health tracking capabilities, you can keep tabs on your physical activity and monitor your overall health and well-being. Additionally, it allows you to stay connected with notifications, messages, and calls all from your wrist. With the vast array of apps available, there is something for everyone to enjoy with the Apple Watch. Whether you are looking for a device to help manage your day-to-day tasks or one to help you stay fit and healthy, the Apple Watch has something for everyone.

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