How To Check Calories Burned On iPhone

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If you’re looking to stay active and in shape, paying attention to the number of calories you burn is an important part of your overall health and wellness plan. For those with iPhones, there are multiple ways to track your calorie burn.

The Health app is a great place to start when tracking calories burned on your iPhone. To get started, open the Health app and tap on the “Browse” tab. From here, you can tap on a category (like Activity) and then a subcategory (like Steps). Tap “Add Data” in the upper-right corner. Once you select the day you want to view, swipe left on the Move field to blow the rings. You will find your day’s calorie burn listed as “Total Calories” under “Active Calories” in this slightly hidden pane.

Another popular way to track calories burned on an iPhone is through Google Fit. When you open up the Google Fit app, your fitness activities will be at the top of the screen in a summary form that includes estimates of active minutes, steps taken, and calories burned as well as your last workout.

It’s also possible to use third-party apps like MyFitnessPal or Lose It! for tracking calories burned. With these apps, you can input detailed information about what kind of exercise you do and how long it lasts so that you can get an accurate count of how many calories are burned each day or week.

Whether you are looking to lose weight or stay healthy, tracking your calorie burn with an iPhone is easy with these helpful tips!

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Checking Calories Burned on an iPhone

To check the calories burned on your iPhone, open the Health app and tap the Browse tab. Then, tap Activity and select Calories. Tap Add Data in the upper-right corner to manually enter your calorie burn for the day. Alternatively, you can connect your iPhone to an external device such as a fitness tracker or smartwatch which will automatically sync your calorie burn data.

Tracking Calories Burned with iPhone Health

Yes, iPhone Health can track calories burned. To see your total calorie burn for a given day, open the Health app on your iPhone and select the Activity tab. Then, select the day you want to view and swipe left on the Move field below the rings. This will reveal a pane where your total calorie burn is listed as “Total calories” under “Active calories”.

Adding Calories to the iPhone Health App

To add calories to your iPhone Health app, open the Health app and tap on the ‘Health Data’ tab. Scroll down and select ‘Activity’. Then, tap ‘Workouts’ and press the ‘+’ in the top right corner. Fill out the activity type, calorie burn, start, and end time. Note that you must input a number of calories for it to log correctly. Once done, press ‘Add’ to save your entry.

Viewing Calories Burned on Activity App

To view your calories burned on the Activity app, start by opening the app on your iPhone. Once you are in the Activity app, you will need to swipe from right to left in the Move section. Here, you will be able to view your total calories burned for the day, as well as your active calories burned. To get a more detailed breakdown of your calorie burn, you can select the ‘History’ tab at the bottom of the screen, where you can see all of your activity for the day and week. Additionally, if you subtract your active calories from your daily total calories burned, this will give you an estimate of your passive calorie burn.


In conclusion, tracking the number of calories burned is a great way to make sure you are staying active and healthy. To easily track your calories burned, you can use apps such as Health and Google Fit. With these apps, you can monitor your daily activity, steps taken, and other metrics to get an accurate view of how much energy you have expended throughout the day. By keeping an eye on the calories burned, you will be able to make sure that you are staying active and healthy.

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