How to Put Xbox One in Rest Mode?

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The Xbox One is a popular console that offers a variety of features and settings to enhance the gaming experience. One of these settings is the Rest mode, which allows the console to remain on standby while still allowing downloads and updates to take place. In this article, we will discuss how to put your Xbox One in Rest mode.

Firstly, you need to press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide. From there, select Profile & System> Settings > General > Power mode & Start-up. You will see a drop-down menu for Power mode. Select the Rest mode option from this menu to enable it on your console.

It is important to note that the Xbox Series S/X also has a Rest mode, but you will need to select it in the power settings. The Instant-On mode on an Xbox is the equivalent of Standby or Rest mode and allows you to download and install games in the background, or even from the Xbox smartphone app.

Once you have enabled Rest mode on your Xbox One, you can turn off your console and it will remain on standby. This means that it will automatically search for and finish downloads and updates even when the Xbox is off. This setting is particularly useful for those who want to save energy and don't want their console to remain on all the time.

To activate Rest mode on your Xbox One, simply click on “Settings” and then “Power and Startup.” From there, you can set the Xbox to use stand-by mode when you turn it off. Choose “Rest Mode” and your Xbox One will remain on standby so it can finish your downloads even when you are not using it.

Rest mode is a useful feature on the Xbox One that allows you to save energy and still keep your console up to date. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily enable this setting on your Xbox One and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

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Putting Xbox One Into Sleep Mode

To put your Xbox One into sleep mode, you can follow these steps:

1. Press the Xbox button  on your controller to open the guide.
2. Select the gear icon on the right to open the Settings menu.
3. From the Settings menu, select the General tab.
4. Under the General tab, select the Power mode & start-up option.
5. Select the Power mode drop-down menu and choose the Instant-on option. This will allow your Xbox One to go into sleep mode when not in use.
6. To put your Xbox One into sleep mode manually, press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller until the Power menu appears.
7. From the Power menu, select Sleep to put your Xbox One into sleep mode.

Alternatively, you can also set your Xbox One to turn off automatically after a certain period of inactivity. To do this, follow these steps:

1. From the Power mode & start-up menu, select the Turn off after drop-down menu.
2. Choose the amount of time you want your Xbox One to wait before turning it off automatically.
3. Once you've made your selection, your Xbox One will automatically turn off after the specified period of inactivity.

how to put xbox one in rest mode

Using Rest Mode with an Xbox

The Xbox Series S/X has a Rest mode that you can use to put your console into a low-power state while still allowing you to quickly resume your gameplay or other activities. To enable Rest mode on your Xbox, you will need to access the Power & Startup settings in the main settings menu. From there, select the Power mode & startup option and choose the Rest mode option. This will allow you to put your Xbox into a low-power state where it can still download updates and perform other background tasks while consuming less energy. Additionally, if you want to download and install games in the background or remotely, you can use the Instant-On mode, which is the equivalent of Standby or Rest mode and is also available in the Power & Startup settings.

Setting Xbox to Download When It Is Off

To set your Xbox to download when it's off, you need to follow these steps:

1. Turn on your Xbox and go to “Settings” by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
2. In “Settings,” select “Power and Startup.”
3. Here, you will see an option called “Power mode & startup.” Select it.
4. In the “Power mode” section, choose “Instant-On” mode. This mode will keep your Xbox in standby mode when it's turned off, so it can continue downloading updates and games while you're away.
5. Once you have selected “Instant-On” mode, go to the “Network settings” section and make sure that your Xbox is connected to the . You can also choose to enable the “Stay connected to the internet” option to ensure that your Xbox stays connected even when it's turned off.
6. make sure that your Xbox is set to automatically download updates and purchases. To do this, go to “System” and select “Updates & downloads.” Here, you can choose to enable automatic downloads for games, , and system updates.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Xbox continues to download updates and games even when it's turned off, so you can start playing as soon as you turn it back on.


The Xbox One is a powerful gaming console that offers a range of features and functions to enhance your gaming experience. With its impressive graphics and processing power, you can enjoy immersive gameplay and stunning visuals. The device also has a variety of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to easily connect with other devices and players. You can also customize the console's settings, including power and start-up options, to suit your preferences. the Xbox One is a top-notch gaming device that offers endless hours of fun and for gamers of all levels.

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