How To Import Audio Into iMovie

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If you’re looking to add audio to your iMovie projects, you’ve come to the right place. With a few simple steps, you can easily import audio into iMovie and create stunning videos with sound.

The first step is to find the audio file you want to import into iMovie. If you’re using an external source, such as an audio CD or an audio file from the internet, make sure it’s in an acceptable format for iMovie (AAC or MP3). If you have multiple files, you can use iTunes to combine them into one file before importing them into iMovie.

Once your audio file is ready, open your project in iMovie and click on “File” then “Import Media…”. Select the desired audio file and click “Import Selected”. The imported file will appear in the media library at the bottom of your screen.

To add the imported sound clip to your project timeline, simply drag it from the media library onto the timeline where you want it placed. You can edit its length by dragging its edges on either side of the clip and adjusting its volume by clicking on the clip itself and adjusting its volume slider. To preview your changes while editing, press play at any time.

Once you are satisfied with how your sound clip fits within your project timeline, click “Done” and save your project so that all of your changes are saved successfully. Congratulations – now that you know how to import audio into iMovie, you can use this knowledge to create amazing projects that feature amazing sound!

Troubleshooting Issues with Audio Not Importing to iMovie

There are a few possible reasons why audio is not importing to iMovie. The most common cause of this issue is that the file type is not supported by iMovie. Make sure the audio file you are trying to import is in an mp3, m4a, or wav format. Additionally, check that the file has been properly imported into your iTunes library before attempting to import it into iMovie. Also, make sure the file size is not too large for iMovie; files larger than 2GB may not be accepted. If none of these solutions resolve your problem, try quitting and restarting iMovie or reinstalling any third-party plug-ins you might have installed.

how to import audio into imovie

Can IMovie Extract Audio From an iPhone?

Yes, you can extract audio from an iPhone video clip in iMovie. To do so, open the project in the iMovie app and then tap a video clip in the timeline to reveal the inspector at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Actions button, then select Detach. This will allow you to remove or edit the audio as a separate clip.

Adding Audio to iMovie on a Mac

Adding audio to iMovie on a Mac is easy! First, open your iMovie project and click ‘Audio’ in the top menu. This will bring you to the ‘Music’ tab, where all of your local music files are stored. Double-click the track you want to add to preview it, and if it’s suitable for your project, just drag and drop it onto your project timeline. That’s all there is to it! You can also access sound effects from the ‘Sound Effects’ tab or record voice-overs directly into iMovie from the ‘Voice-over’ tab. Have fun adding music and audio to your iMovie projects!

Adding Audio to iMovie on iPhone

To add audio to iMovie on iPhone, first, you need to open the iMovie app and select the project you want to add audio to. Once your project is open, tap the Music icon at the bottom of the screen. From there, you can browse through different music options or use the search bar to find a specific song. When you find an audio clip that you like, tap on it and then select either “Add Whole Clip” or “Preview” from the menu that appears. If you select “Preview”, it will give you a preview of what the clip will sound like with your video before adding it to your project. If you decide to add the clip, just tap “Add Whole Clip” and it will be added to your movie project. You can also add just the audio from a video clip by tapping on it and selecting “Audio Only” from the menu that appears.

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