How To Change Your Twitch Name

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Twitch is a live streaming video platform where users can watch, share, and broadcast live gaming content. Twitch allows users to upload, share, and view live gaming content. Twitch also allows users to follow oter users and subscribe to channels.

If you’re looking to change your Twitch name, there are a few things you need to know

How Do You Change Your Name On Twitch App?

To change your name on the Twitch app, first go to your Profile Settings. Underneath your username, you’ll see a new option to change your name. Once you’ve changed your name, the abandoned username will be held by Twitch for a minimum of six months. After which, we may decide to return it to the pool of available usernames for the community and new users.

How to Change Your Twitch Name on Mobile!

Why Can’t I Change My Twitch Display Name?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to change your Twitch display name. One reason may be that your account is new and hasn’t been verified yet. Another reason may be that you have violated the Twitch terms of service, in which case you may need to wait until the violation has been resolved before you can change your name.

How Do I Change My Twitch Name Before 2 Months?

To change your Twitch name before the 2-month cooldown period, you’ll need to go thrugh a few steps. First, visit the Twitch website and sign in to your account. Next, at the top right corner of your screen, click on your icon and select Settings. Under Profile Settings, click on the edit icon beside your username. Enter your new username in the box and hope for the green checkmark. If it doesn’t work, you may need to wait for the 2-month cooldown period to expire.


What Is Twitch Display Name?

A Twitch display name is the name that is shown next to comments on the site, and on your profile. It can be customized freely, but it must be the same spelling as your username.

What Are Good Twitch Names?

The best Twitch name will vary depending on your individual streaming niche and target audience. However, some tips on how to choose a good Twitch name include making it punchy and short, usng a funny pun or common phrase, making it memorable, and using the name of your brand. You can also make it personal by using your own name or nickname.

How Do I Change My Twitch Mod Name?

To change your Twitch mod name, first navigate to the “Moderators” tab on the left sidebar of your dashboard. Next, uder the “Moderator roles” column, click on the “edit” link next to the role you want to change. Finally, in the “Name” field, enter the new name you want to use and click save.


In this article, we have covered how to change your Twitch name. We have also looked at why you might not be able to change your Twitch display name, and how to change your Twitch name before the 2-month cooldown period. Finally, we have answered some common questions about Twitch names.

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