How To Change Cursor Icon On Your Mac

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Do you want to customize the look of your cursor icon on a Mac? Well, it’s actualy very easy to do! With just a few clicks, you can give your cursor an entirely new look.

Let’s start by taking a look at how to change the cursor icon on a Mac. To get started, go to the Apple menu > System Preferences. Select Accessibility > Display and choose the Pointer tab. You’ll then see an option for Pointer Outline Color; click the color box beside it, and select your desired color from the appearing palette. Your changes will be applied immediately!

If you want to take things one step further, you can also choose a custom image for your cursor icon. Again, start by going to System Preferences > Accessibility > Display and select the Pointer tab. This time around, click on Customize in the bottom right corner of the window and then select Browse. This will open up a window where you can find and select any image file on your computer that you’d like to use as your new cursor icon.

Once you’ve made your selection, click OK to save it as your new cursor icon. You’ll then be able to see it in action whenever you move your mouse pointer around on screen! It’s that easy!

So now that you know how to change your cursor icon on a Mac, why not give it a try? Have fun experimenting with different colors and images until you find something that looks great on your screen!

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Changing the Cursor Icon

Changing the cursor icon on Windows is easy. First, open the Control Panel and select “Change how the mouse pointer looks”. In the Mouse Properties window, click the Pointers tab. To choose a new pointer image, find the Customize box and click on the pointer function (such as Normal Select). Then click Browse to find an image you like. Once you’ve selected your desired icon, click OK to save your changes. That’s it! Your cursor icon will now be changed to whatever image you chose.

Customizing the Mac Cursor

To customize your Mac cursor, first go to the Apple menu > System Preferences. Select Accessibility > Display. On the Pointer tab, click the color box beside Pointer outline color. This will open a palette of colors for you to choose from, and you will be able to see the changes of your cursor outline immediately upon selecting a color. You can also adjust other properties of your cursor here, such as the size, speed, and visibility.

Customizing Your Cursor

Yes, you can customize your cursor! To do so, you can search for and click on “Mouse settings” on your computer via the Start button or the Search bar in your taskbar. In the Window that folows click on “Adjust mouse & cursor size” in the right-side column. The next window will offer options for changing the pointer size and color to suit your liking. Here, you can adjust the size of your cursor by moving the slider left or right to make it larger or smaller. You can also select from a variety of colors and styles to give your cursor a unique look.

Changing the Apple Mouse Cursor

Yes, you can change the Apple mouse cursor. To do so, go to Settings > Accessibility > Pointer Control, whee you will find options to adjust the color, shape, size, scrolling speed and more of your cursor. You can also increase the contrast for better visibility or automatically hide the pointer if desired.

Changing the Look of Your Cursor

Yes, you can change what your cursor looks like. To do this, open the Control Panel on your computer. In the search box, type in “mouse” and click on Mouse. On the Pointers tab, you will see a drop-down list where you can select a different mouse pointer scheme. You can also customize individual pointers if needed. Once you have made your changes, click Apply to save them.


In conclusion, changing your cursor icon is a great way to customize your computer and express your individuality. It is a simple process and the changes take effect immediately. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can choose from hundreds of different cursor icons, ranging from simple to complex designs. Additionally, you can adjust the size and color of the cursor icon to better suit your preferences. With so many options available, there is sure to be something for everyone!

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