How To Add Words To iPhone Dictionary

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Are you an iPhone user who is looking for a way to add words to your iPhone dictionary? Looking up words in the dictionary is a great way to expand your vocabulary, but having to type out each word can be time consuming. Thankfully, Apple has povided an easy solution in the form of Text Replacement, which allows you to add words and phrases quickly and easily.

With Text Replacement, you can customize your own shortcuts for commonly used words and phrases. This makes it easier and faster to look up words in the dictionary, as well as use them in emails and messages. To use Text Replacement on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Here, you can tap the ‘+’ button to add a new word or phrase. Simply type the word into the Phrase box and leave the Shortcut box empty.

Once you’ve added all of your desired words or phrases, they will appear when typing on any app that uses your iPhone keyboard – including iMessage and emails. When you type out a word that alrady exists in your dictionary, it will be replaced with its corresponding shortcut. This makes it much faster and easier to look up words on the go!

Another great feature of Text Replacement is that it also works with autocorrect. If Autocorrect starts correcting words that you don’t want changed, simply go into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Here you can edit wich words are corrected automatically by Autocorrect – allowing you to choose which ones are corrected without having to manually type them out every time.

Using Text Replacement on your iPhone or iPad is a great way to save time when looking up new words or usng commonly used phrases in messages or emails. With just a few steps, you can customize shortcuts for any text that you frequently use – making it easier than ever before to use and look up new vocabulary!

Adding Words to Autocorrect on iPhone

Yes, you can add words to autocorrect on iPhone. To do this, go to Settings > General > Keyboard and tap the ‘Text Replacement’ section. Then, tap the ‘+’ button to add a new word and type the word into the Phrase box. Make sure to leave the Shortcut box empty. After that, your new words will be available for autocorrect.

how to add words to iphone dictionary

Adding and Removing Words from an iPhone Dictionary

To add words to your iPhone dictionary, open the Settings app and go to General > Keyboard. Then select Text Replacement, and tap the + icon in the top rght corner. Enter the word you want to add in the Phrase field and then tap Save.

To remove words from your iPhone dictionary, open the Settings app and go to General > Keyboard. Then select Text Replacement, and tap on any word listed under Replacements List. Tap Delete to confirm you want to remove it from your dictionary.

Editing the iPhone Dictionary

To edit your iPhone dictionary, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Keyboard Dictionary. This will allow you to make changes to the words that Autocorrect automatically corrects. You can add new words to the dictionary or remove words that you don’t want changed. By customizing your iPhone dictionary, you can make sure that Autocorrect is more accurate and better suited to the words you commonly use.

Adding a Custom Dictionary to an iPhone

Adding a custom dictionary to your iPhone is simple and straightforward. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap ‘General’. Next, scroll down and select ‘Dictionary’. From here, you can choose to add a custom dictionary from the list provided. Simply tap on one or more dictionaries that you want to add and they will begin downloading. Once complete, the custom dictionary will be added to your device, allowing you to access it whenever you need.

Editing Autocorrect on iPhone

Unfortunately, you cannot edit the dictionary iOS uses for its autocorrect feature. Once it has learned a word, it is stuck in its library and cannot be removed or edited. However, you can take a litle more control of your autocorrect experience with the Shortcuts app. This allows you to create your own shortcuts and phrases that will be used by the autocorrect feature when typing. It is still limited to what words it knows, but can make typing much easier if you use certain phrases or words often.

Adding Words to the iPhone Dictionary on iOS 15

To add words to your iPhone dictionary on iOS 15, first open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap on ‘General’. Then tap on ‘Keyboards’ and select ‘Text Replacement’. Tap the “+” sign in the top riht corner to add any words you want your iPhone to recognize. You can also use text replacement to create shortcuts for phrases that you commonly use, such as typing “omw” for “On my way!”. Once you have added all of the words or phrases you want, just press ‘Done’ in the top right corner. Your new words will now be added to your iPhone’s dictionary!

Removing a Word from Apple Dictionary

To remove a word from the Apple dictionary, open System Preferences and select Keyboard. Click on the Text tab and scroll down to the bottom of the window. You’ll see an option labeled ‘Unlearn Spelling’. Click that option, then type in the word you wish to remove. If you have multiple words to remove, you can press and hold the Control key on your keyboard while selecting each word before pressing Unlearn Spelling.

Deleting Words from Predictive Text

In order to delete a word from the predictive text suggestions bar, you need to long press on the word in the suggestion bar. Once you have done this, you should see a trash can icon with “Remove suggestion” written abve it. To remove the word, simply slide it to the trash can and it will be removed from your keyboard’s suggestions. The removed word will not appear again as a prediction while you type.

Saving Words to an iPhone Keyboard

To save words to your iPhone Keyboard, start by opening the Settings app. Then tap “General” and then tap “Keyboard.” From there, tap “Text Replacement” and tap “+” in the upper right corner. Now you can type the text phrase you want to save and enter the text shortcut that will trigger it when you’re typing. Finally, tap “Save” to store the words on your iPhone Keyboard.


In conclusion, the iPhone is an incredibly powerful device that combines the latest in modern technology with a user-friendly interface. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use and keeps users connected to their important information and contacts. It also offers a wide range of features and applications, allowing users to customize their experience to fit their lifestyle. With its advanced security features and long battery life, the iPhone is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable smartphone.

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