How To Add Links To Case-Mate Apple Watch Band

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Adding links to your Case Mate Apple Watch Band is a great way to get the perfect fit. It’s actully a lot easier than you might think! With a few simple steps, you can customize your Case Mate watch band for the perfect fit.

First, you need to make sure that you have all the pieces that you need: a link remover tool and extra links (if needed). You can purchase these items at most jewelry stores or online.

Once you have the necessay tools and parts, it’s time to start adding or removing links from your Case Mate watch band. Begin by using the link remover tool to remove one of the pins from the side of one of the links on your watch band. Once removed, use the same tool to remove each pin from its respective link until you have enough removed for a comfortable fit. If needed, add additional links by inserting them into place and reconnecting them with the pins. Make sure that all pins are securely in place before wearing your watch band.

That’s relly all there is to it! Adding or removing links on a Case Mate Apple Watch Band is an easy way to customize your fit without having to go to a jeweler or spending too much money. Keep in mind though that it’s best practice to have your watch band professionally fitted if possible – this will ensure that it fits perfectly and won’t damage any components while wearing it.

Adding Links to a Watch

Yes, you can add links back onto a metal watch. All you need is a link removal tool. Start by flipping your watch over and identifying the pins that hold the links together. With the link removal tool, carefully push the pin out from one side until it comes out of the other side. You can then remove or add links to adjust the size of your watch band. Finally, use the link removal tool to reinsert the pin into the opposite side of whee you started and push it until it is flush with both sides of the link. Be sure to check that all pins are securely in place before wearing your watch again.

how to add links to case mate apple watch band

Cost of Adding Links to a Watch

The cost of havng links added to a watch depends on the type of watch, the complexity of the adjustment, and the materials being used. For most watches, it typically costs between $20 and $150 to have links added by a professional watchmaker. The cost may be higher for luxury watches or those with complex movements. If you are comfortable doing so yourself, then you can save money by adding the links yourself using tools found around your house. However, this can be risky as it is easy to scratch or damage your watch if done incorrectly.


The Case Mate Apple Watch Band is a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s made from durable stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors and styles to match your personal style. The band is adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit with ease by adding or removing links as needed. With its modern design and reliable construction, the Case Mate Apple Watch Band is a great choice for anyone loking to add a touch of sophistication to their look.

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