How To Wear Your Airpods Pro

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Are you looking for a pair of headphones that will stay in your ears no matter what? Look no further than the AirPods Pro! With three different sizes of silicone tips, you can find the perfect fit for your ears and you won’t have to worry about them falling out. Plus, with active noise cancellation, these headphones will help block out external sounds for a truly immersive listening experience.

So, how do you wear the AirPods Pro? Here’s what you need to know:

First, make sure that you select the right size of ear tip for your ears. The AirPods Pro comes with three sizes of tips (small, medium, and large) so pick the one that fits best. Once you have chosen the correct size tip, insert the AirPods Pro into your ears and twist them up around 30 degrees so that the stem is more horizontal and is sticking out away from your ears. This ensures that they will stay in place better.

It is also important to make sure that both earbuds are securely in each ear at all times. To do this, press each bud into each ear until they feel secure and comfortable. If they don’t feel secure enough or if they start slipping out during use, adjust them until they fit correctly again.

Finally, it is important to keep your AirPods clean so that they don’t slip out easily due to dirt or oil build-up on the surface of the ear tips. Clean off any residue from the ear tips using a soft cloth or cotton swab before each use and this should help keep your AirPods in place better.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that your AirPods Pro never falls out – even during intense physical activities like running or workouts! So go ahead and enjoy your music without worrying about losing an earphone ever again!

Preventing AirPods Pro from Falling Out

To ensure your AirPods Pro stays in place, it’s important to wear them correctly. First, remove the silicone ear tips from the AirPods and replace them with memory foam ear tips. The memory foam is more comfortable and provides a better fit for your ears, which will keep the AirPods from falling out. Additionally, you can try wearing your AirPods sideways or upside down to get the best fit. You can also use waterproof tape around the back of the AirPods to make sure they stay in place. Finally, make sure you clean your AirPods properly after each use as dirt and debris may accumulate on them and make them harder to keep in place.

Wearing AirPods Pro at the Correct Angle

When wearing AirPods Pro, the best angle to wear them at is around 30 degrees. To do this, place the AirPods into your ears with the stem pointing down, then twist them up around 30 degrees so that the stem is more horizontal and sticks out away from your ears. This will help ensure that they stay in place without slipping out.

Preventing AirPods Pro from Falling Out

Your AirPods Pro may be falling out due to several factors. Firstly, earwax and sweat can build up on the ear tips of your AirPods Pro, making them slippery and reducing the grip they have on your ears. Secondly, the shape of your ears may not be compatible with the design of the AirPods Pro. Lastly, if you are engaging in high-impact activities while wearing your AirPods Pro, such as running or jumping, they may simply be slipping out. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you clean off any oils, dirt, or residue from the ear tips regularly, and consider using a secure silicone cover for extra grip.

The Comfort of Wearing AirPods Pro

Yes, AirPods Pro are extremely comfortable to wear. The silicone ear tips provide a snug fit and the lightweight design ensures that no matter how long you wear them, you won’t feel any discomfort. Additionally, Apple has added extra small tips to the lineup, allowing a wider range of users to find the perfect fit.

Do AirPods Pro Stay Secure During Running?

Yes, the AirPods Pro is designed to stay securely in your ear even while running. They feature a secure fit that is made possible with silicone tips and a flexible inner band that wraps around the back of your ear. This helps keep them in place no matter how much you move, making them ideal for running or any other intense physical activity. Additionally, the AirPods Pro have a sweat and water resistance rating of IPX4 which means they can handle even the toughest workouts.

how to wear airpods pro

The Best Position for AirPods

AirPods should generally point forward in your ears, with the stem pointing down towards your shoulders. When inserted properly, AirPods should rest comfortably inside your ear and stay in place. To ensure a secure fit, you can use the Ear Tip Fit Test to find the best ear tip size for your ears. Additionally, some people prefer to angle their AirPods slightly downward, so you can experiment with which position works best for you.

Correct Way to Wear Apple Earbuds

The correct way to wear Apple earbuds is to insert them into your ears with the cups fitting snugly in your ears. Ensure the cable is running down the back of your head, and adjust the buds so they fit comfortably and securely. If necessary, twist each bud slightly outward at a 30-degree angle for a better fit. You can also use the included ear tips to find a more comfortable fit.

how to wear airpods pro

Preventing AirPods from Falling Out

Your AirPods may be falling out due to an improper fit. To ensure the best fit, start by opening the case and putting both AirPods in your ears with the stem facing forward. This will ensure that the AirPods are securely locked in your ear. Additionally, you can adjust the tightness of the fit by turning the AirPods in your ear slightly. If one of your AirPods is still falling out, you may need to adjust the size of your EarTips by using a different size from the ones provided with your AirPods.


In conclusion, AirPods Pro are great for anyone looking for a comfortable, high-quality earbud. With better sound and active noise cancellation, they provide an improved listening experience compared to their predecessors. The addition of extra small tips is a nice touch and provides a more customizable fit for those with smaller ears. For those who want comfort and quality in their earphones, AirPods Pro is an excellent choice.

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