How Do I Email AT&T?

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AT&T is a telecommunications company that provides wireless services, landline telephone services, and broadband internet services. AT&T was founded in 1885 as the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company and later became AT&T Corporation. AT&T is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. AT&T is the largest provider of landline telephone services in the United States and the second largest provider of wireless services. AT&T has over 140 million customers. AT&T offers a variety of services, including wireless, landline, broadband, and television. AT&T also offers a variety of international services. AT&T has a wide array of products and services to meet the neds of its customer base.

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Is There An Email Address For ATT?

There is no email address for customer support. ATT does not do customer support through email.

How Do You Contact AT&T Customer Service?

There are seeral ways to contact AT&T customer service. You can call them toll-free at 1-800-331-0500, or for caller-paid calls, use the number *1-800-331-0500. You can also visit a local AT&T store, or chat with them online.


How Do I Contact AT&T To Complain?

To contact AT&T about a complaint, you can go to or call 800.288.2020. You can also visit a local AT&T store.

What Is My Email Address?

Your email address is the unique identifier for your account that allows you to send and receive emails. It is usually composed of your name or username followed by,, or another service provider.

Is AT&T A Yahoo Email?

No, AT&T is not a Yahoo email. AT&T has sold the management of their email addresses to Yahoo. Yahoo now owns/manages all addresses.

Is ATT Email Free?

Yes, ATT email is free. You can set up your account at

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