How to Get Your Cracked Apple Watch Fixed at Ubreakifix

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If you own an Apple Watch, you know that the device is a delicate piece of technology that requires special care. However, accidents happen, and it’s not uncommon for the glass on your Apple Watch to becme damaged or cracked. Fortunately, Apple offers repair services for these issues and can restore your watch to its original condition.

At U Break I Fix, we specialize in repairing Apple Watches and understand how important it is for your device to be working properly. We offer a range of services for broken Apple Watches including screen repairs and battery replacements. Our experienced technicians are highly trained in diagnosing and repairing all types of issues with Apple Watches. From cracked screens to water damage, we have the tools and expertise necessary to fix any problem that may arise with your device.

When it comes to repairing an Apple Watch, it’s best to leave the job in the hands of professionals like us at U Break I Fix. We understand the delicate components of these devices and use specialized tools to ensure that your watch gets repaired properly without causing any further damage. Plus, our repair services are much more affordable than what you would pay if you got service directly from Apple.

At U Break I Fix, we strive to provide top-notch customer service as well as quality repairs for all of our customers. If you’re experiencing any issues with your Apple Watch, don’t hesitate to give us a call or stop by one of our locations today!

Does Ubreakifix Offer Apple Watch Repair Services?

Yes, uBreakiFix is an authorized service provider for Apple and can repair your Apple Watch. We offer a variety of repairs, from minor issues to more complex problems. Whether your Apple Watch has suffered accidental damage or is experiencing a hardware issue, our certified technicians can help.

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Cost of Fixing a Crack on an Apple Watch

The cost to fix a cracked Apple Watch screen varies depending on the model of your device and the repair service you select. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $159 to $329 for a new screen, as these prices are for service directly from Apple in the US. Prices may vary if you choose an independent repair shop or if you’re located outside of the United States. Additionally, depending on your model and the extent of the damage, other repairs may be necessary which could increase the overall cost.

Can a Cracked Apple Watch Be Fixed?

Yes, a cracked Apple Watch can be fixed. To do so, you will need to bring your watch to your nearest Apple Store or authorized service center. The technicians there will inspect the watch and then send it off to an Apple Watch repair center. Before sending it away, make sure to back up your Apple Watch so that all of your data is kept safe.

Getting an Apple Watch Repaired at an Apple Store

Yes, you can take your Apple Watch to an Apple Store for repair. When you arrive, a technician will inspect your device to determine if it neds a hardware repair or software update. If it needs a hardware repair, it will be shipped to an Apple Repair Center. Before it’s sent, you’ll need to unpair it from your iPhone.

Cost of Servicing an Apple Watch

The cost of servicing an Apple Watch will vary depending on the model and the issue being serviced. Generally, service costs start at $49 for out-of-warranty battery service and can range up to $409 for oher repairs. It is important to note that Apple does not offer repair services for water damaged watches, as these cannot be serviced. Additionally, many Apple Stores offer free visual inspections of your watch to check for any problems.

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The Cost of Repairing an Apple Watch

Apple Watches can be expensive to fix depending on the model and whether you have AppleCare+ protection. Without AppleCare+, repairs for an Apple Watch Series 8 can cost between $299 and $399, whih is almost the same as the device’s starting price. With AppleCare+, there is a service fee of $69 added to the repair cost. Therefore, if you don’t have AppleCare+, it would be wise to consider purchasing it to save money in case of any unexpected issues.

Cost of Replacing Apple Watch 7 Screen

Replacing the Apple Watch Series 7 screen will cost between $250 and $499, depending on whether you use Apple or an independent repair shop for the service. This cost includes labor and parts, so you won’t have to worry about any additional costs. Depending on the complexity of the repair, it may take anywhere from 1-2 hours to complete. If you choose an independent repair shop, be sure to check their qualifications and reviews before proceeding with the repair.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Replacing an Apple Watch Screen

Replacing an Apple Watch screen is not always worth it. The cost of the repair will usually exceed the value of the watch itself, so it may be a bettr option to purchase a new Apple Watch instead. However, if you have sentimental value attached to the watch or if you have purchased an extended warranty, then it may be worth considering repair.

Before gettig your Apple Watch screen replaced, you should get an estimate from a reliable repair provider. Make sure to check their reviews and customer feedback before committing to a repair. Additionally, make sure that they can provide you with a warranty on the parts used and the labor involved in replacing the screen.

Does Apple Offer Free Product Repairs?

Apple offers complimentary support within the frst 90 days of owning an Apple product, or longer if required by applicable law. This includes free technical support for hardware and software issues, as well as guidance on setting up and using your product. Additionally, Apple Watch Edition and Apple Watch Hermès come with 2 years of complimentary support.

For hardware repairs outside of this initial complimentary period, you may be eligible for a fee-based service depending on the product and issue. To determine if you qualify for a service fee, please contact Apple Support or visit to an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider.

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Apple Watch Warranty Length

The Apple Watch, Apple Watch Nike, and Apple Watch Ultra all come with a one-year limited warranty covering hardware repairs. This warranty also includes up to 90 days of complimentary technical support. During the warranty period, any defects in materials or workmanship will be repaired free of charge. If your Apple Watch has experienced any issues, you can contact Apple Support to arrange for a repair. Please note that the length of coverage may vary depending on the type of product and where it was purchased.

What to Do With a Broken Apple Watch

If you have a broken Apple Watch, there are a few options you can consider. The fist is to try and repair it yourself. Depending on the problem, some basic repairs can be made at home. You may need to purchase replacement parts or tools such as screwdrivers or soldering irons, but if the repair is successful, this can be the most cost-effective option.

Alternatively, you could take your broken Apple Watch to an Apple store or authorized service provider for professional repair services. This will usually come at a cost, so it’s worth considering whether the cost of repair outweighs what you would get if you sold your watch as-is.

If you decide that repairing your watch isn’t an option, then you have the option of selling it online through sites such as eBay or Craigslist. It’s important to note that it’s unlikly you’ll get much money for a broken Apple watch, since many buyers will be looking for watches in good condition.

Finally, another option is to trade in your broken watch towards the purchase of a new one. Many retailers offer trade-in programs whee they will accept old watches and give you credit towards purchasing a new one at discounted prices.


In conclusion, Apple Watches are a popular and reliable device for staying connected, tracking your health and fitness, and staying organized. However, if an Apple Watch gets damaged the user may have to pay a fee for repair or replacement. It is important to back up the watch befre submitting it for repair and make sure to take it to an authorized service center or store. Overall, Apple Watches are a great way to stay connected and help manage day-to-day life.

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