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Are you tired of searching endlessly for that one recipe you can’t seem to find? Are you looking for a btter way to organize all of your favorite recipes? Look no further than Copy Me That!

Copy Me That is a free, cross-platform app and website designed to make your cooking experience easier. With Copy Me That, you can quickly and easily copy recipes from the web into your own personal collection. Once in your collection, organizing them is easy with collections and tags.

Using Copy Me That on your desktop or laptop computer is simple. Add the Copy Me That button to your browser, then just click the button when you find a recipe online that you want to save. It’s that easy! Even easier if you’re using an Android or Apple device – thre are apps for both platforms so you can quickly add recipes from anywhere.

When it comes time to cook, Copy Me That has you covered! The iPad and iPhone versions will keep your screen awake while following a recipe so that annoying black screen won’t be an issue anymore. And don’t worry – all of your recipes belong to YOU and they can be downloaded at any time.

Copy Me That makes it easy to access all of your favorite recipes on any device in any place. So grab some ingredients and get cooking!

Is the Copy Me That App Still Available?

Yes, Copy Me That is still available and can be used for free! The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, and it can also be accessed from any web browser. With Copy Me That, you can sync your accounts acoss all of your devices so that the information you store is always up-to-date. All you need is an internet connection to log in and use the app.

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What Happened to the Copy Me That App?

The Copy Me That app was temporarily removed from the App Store and Play Store in April 2020 due to a trademark dispute. After seveal months of negotiations, we were able to reach an amicable resolution with the other party and have now been reinstated in both stores. You can also use our website on computers by adding the Copy Me That button to your browser.

What is the Copy Me That App?

Copy Me That is a powerful, all-in-one cooking assistant that helps you manage your recipes, shopping list, and meal plans. With Copy Me That, you can easily copy recipes from any website or app, add them to your personal recipe collection, create shopping lists from ingredients in your recipes, and organize all your recipes into handy collections. Plus, you can access Copy Me That on any device – our website, Android app and iOS app are all avaiable for download. With Copy Me That, you’ll never forget a recipe again!

Does Copy Me That Work on iPhone?

Yes, Copy Me That works on both iPads and iPhones! Our app is designed to be used on all iOS devices, so you can take your recipes with you wherever you go. With the Copy Me That app, you can easily follow recipes on your iPhone or iPad without worrying abut the device going to sleep. All of your recipes are securely stored in the app and can be accessed at any time. And best of all, the free version of our app offers a complete set of features that may be all you’ll ever need.


In conclusion, Copy Me That is a powerful and convenient tool to help you organize and store recipes. With its free version, you can access your favorite recipes from any device with an internet connection, including your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can add recipes from the web or manually enter them, then use collections to organize them. The app also features a special mode that prevents your iPad or iPhone from going to sleep whie you’re using it. Copy Me That is an invaluable asset for any home cook and one of the best ways to simplify meal planning and recipe organization.

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