Make Your iPhone Stand Out with a Unique Change Notification Sound

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Are you tired of hearing the same old chime when you receive a notification on your iPhone? Are you looking for ways to customize your device's sound profile? You're in luck! It's easy to change the notification sound on your iPhone.

Changing your iPhone's notification sound is a great way to personalize your device and make sure you recognize when a new message has arrived. Your iPhone comes with several built-in sounds that you can choose from, or you can purchase additional tones from the iTunes Store. Here's how to change your notification sound.

First, open the Settings app and select Sounds & Haptics. This will open the Sounds & Haptics window. Here, you'll see a list of different alert tones that come with your device. To preview any of tese sounds, just tap on it and it will play for you. Once you find one that fits with your style, select it to set it as your new default notification tone.

If none of the built-in sounds suit your fancy, don't worry. You can purchase additional tones from the iTunes Store by tapping on “Buy More Tones”. From here, you can browse trough thousands of ringtones and alert tones available for purchase in various genres like rock, pop, classical, electronica and more! Once purchased and downloaded onto your device, these tones will appear in the list on the Sounds & Haptics page ready for selection as your new default sound profile.

Make Your iPhone Stand Out with a Unique Change Notification Sound 1

So don't settle for an annoying or boring sounding notification tone – customize yors today! With just a few taps in Settings, you can easily change up the alert sound on your iPhone so that each time there's a new message waiting for you, it's accompanied by a unique tone of your own choosing!

Changing App Notification Sounds on iPhone

No, you cannot change the notification sounds for on your iPhone unless the app is made by Apple. Non-Apple apps generally use your iPhone's default alert tone and have their own unchangeable tones built into the app itself, meaning you can't choose a custom alert tone for an app that isn't made by Apple.

Changing Notification Sounds for Different Apps

To change the notification sound for differnt Apps, you'll need to navigate to your device's Settings > Apps > Your apps. Find the app you wish to set a custom tone for and select it. On the app info page, tap Notifications and toggle on the slider button for Show notifications. Then, tap Notification sound and select the sound you'd like associated with that app's notifications. You can also choose whether or not to show a pop-up alert in addition to playing a sound when receiving notifications from this app. Once you have chosen your preferred settings, simply hit OK to save them.

Setting a Custom Notification Sound on an iPhone

To set a custom notification sound on your iPhone, start by opening the Settings app. Then, go to Sounds & Haptics and select an alert to change. Scroll down to Ringtones and choose the custom notification sound you'd like to use. Finally, hit Done at the top right corner and you're all set for future alerts!

Changing the Sound of Notifications

Yes, you can change the sound of your notifications. To do this, open your device's settings, select Apps & notifications, then tap Notifications. Scroll down and tap Advanced > Default notification sound to choose from a list of sounds or select a custom sound from your device's storage.

Changing Notification Sounds for Apps on iPhone 12

To change the notification sound for apps on an iPhone 12, open the Settings app. Select Notifications. Scroll down and select the desired app, then tap Sounds to choose a notification sound. To preview a sound, tap it and it will play. Once you've found the right sound, tap Done to save your selection.

Changing the Notification Sound for Messages

To change the notification sound for messages on your Android device, follow these steps:
1. From the Home screen, open the “Messaging” app.
2. Tap “Menu”, then select “Settings”.
3. Select “Notifications”.
4. Select “Sound” and choose the tone you want for text messages or choose “None” if you don't want a sound for incoming messages.
5. Tap “OK” to save your changes.

Changing Notification Sounds on iOS 14

To change the notification sound on iOS 14, go to Settings–>Sounds & Haptics. On this page, you can change the notification sounds for new calls, new text messages, new voicemails, and more. You can also select a custom sound or use one of the built-in system sounds. To change the notification sound for a specific app, go to Settings–>Notifications and tap on the app in question. From there you can adjust individual settings like allowing notifications from that app or changing its alert sound.

Unable to Change Message Tone

If you're unable to change your message tone, it's likely beause you've disabled the “Incoming messages” notification in the Messages app. To enable this notification, open the Google Messages app, tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the display, select “Settings -> Notifications,” scroll down, then tap on “Incoming messages.” Here you will be able to turn on or off notifications for incoming messages and select a new sound for when a new message arrives.

Changing Notification Sound on iOS 15

To change your notification sound on iOS 15, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics (on supported models) or Sounds (other models). Tap Text Tone, then you can choose from a variety of vibration options or select an alert sound below Alert Tones. You can also tap Tone Store to download an alert sound from the iTunes Store.

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Enabling Sound Notifications for Text Messages on an iPhone

To get sound notifications for text messages on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Messages. Make sure Allow Notifications is turned on. Then, check the boxes for Lock Screen, Notification Center, and Banners so you can see notifications from Messages on your lock screen and in the Notification Center. Lastly, tap Sounds and choose a loud message tone so you can hear incoming messages.


The change notification sound on an iPhone can be a useful tool for staying informed and organized. It can be enabled in the Settings app and will provide audible notifications for incoming messages, reminders, calendar events, and more. Once enabled, users can customize the sound to ther preference by selecting from a variety of default sounds or selecting a song from their library. By taking advantage of this feature, iPhone users can ensure they never miss important notifications or messages.

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