Can You See Blocked Texts on iPhone?

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If you’ve ever wanted to block someone from sending you messages on your iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to do. Blocking someone prevents them from being able to send you text messages, calls, and FaceTime requests. However, there’s one thing you should know – once a user is blocked, there is no way to retrieve any of the messages they sent while they were blocked.

So if you’re wondering if you can see blocked texts on your iPhone, the answer is unfortunately no. Once a user has been blocked, all of their messages will no longer be visible in your Messages app. This includes text messages, iMessages, group chats, and any other kind of message that was sent while the user was blocked.

However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost – as long as the user hasn’t deleted their messages before being blocked, it may still be possible to read their texts by unblocking them and then accessing their conversation history. To do this:

1) Unblock the user by going into your Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts > Select the contact you want to unblock > Tap Unblock
2) Open the Messages app and select the conversation history with the blocked contact
3) Scroll through the conversation history and read any messages they sent while they were stil blocked

Given that this process involves manually unblocking a user then scrolling through an entire conversation history (which could potentially span months or years), it isn’t always practical for quickly accessing a few text messages. So if you need to access specific conversations with a blocked contact quickly and easily, it may be best not to block them in the first place.

Accessing Blocked Text Messages on iPhone

No, unfortunately you cannot access blocked text messages on an iPhone. Once a message is blocked, it will no longer appear in the Messages app or in any other messaging service that you may be using. The only way to view a blocked message is to unblock the sender – and once they are unblocked, the message will appear in your Messages app as normal. If you don’t want to miss any messages but don’t want to see them right away, you can ignore them instead of blocking them.

can you see blocked texts on iphone

Can Blocked Numbers Text You?

No, you cannot see if a blocked number has tried to text you. When you block a number, teir messages go nowhere and they won’t receive any notification that they have been blocked. They will still appear as sent, but you won’t receive any of them and you can’t respond.

Viewing Blocked Text Messages

To view your blocked text messages, open the Messages app on your Android phone. Then tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen to open the drop-down menu. From there, select “Settings” and then “Block numbers and messages.” You will be taken to a list of all the numbers that you have blocked. To view their text messages, scroll down to “Blocked messages” and select it. All of the messages sent from these blocked contacts will be visible here.

What Happens When a Blocked Person Tries to Text an iPhone User?

When someone you’ve blocked ties to text you with an iPhone, the message will not go through. The blocked person does not receive any notification that they’ve been blocked and will not be aware that you have blocked them unless they notice that their messages are not going through. On iPhones, there is a feature called ‘iMessage Text Status’ which can show if a message was sent or delivered. When a message from a blocked person is sent, it will show as ‘not delivered’. This may indicate to the sender that they have been blocked by the recipient.

Do Blocked Numbers Receive Text Messages?

Yes, texts will come through after you unblock a number. When you unblock a number, all of the restrictions that were placed on the contact are reversed, allowing them to send and receive messages from your device again. Your phone will also notify you when these messages come in, and they will be saved to your device’s storage for you to view at any time.


In conclusion, iPhone is a great device with many features and capabilities. It’s user-friendly design makes it easy to use, even for those who are new to technology. The camera functions allow you to take quality photos and videos quickly and easily. You have access to a wide range of apps in the App Store, allowing you to customize your phone to your needs. You can also block messages from people you don’t want to hear from, though there is no way to retrieve them once they have been blocked. All in all, iPhone is an excellent device that offers many usefl features.

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