Costco Offers 4-Pack of Apple AirTags at Discounted Price

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The much-awaited Apple AirTag has finally hit the market, and Costco is offering its members an exclusive deal on a pack of four. These Bluetooth-enabled trackers can be attached to your belongings, allowing you to keep tabs on them via your iPhone or iPad.

The AirTag is a small, circular device with a white plastic front and a stainless steel back, which can be engraved with letters, numbers, or emojis. It uses the Find My app, which is pre-installed on Apple devices, to locate lost items. The app shows the AirTag’s location on a map, and if the item is within Bluetooth range, the AirTag can play a sound to help you locate it.

The AirTag also has a feature called Precision Finding, which uses the iPhone’s camera, accelerometer, and gyroscope to guide you to the exact location of the AirTag. This feature is particularly helpful when searching for items in large areas, such as a parking lot.

Costco’s offer of a four-pack of AirTags for $94.99 is a great deal, especially when compared to the individual price of $29. The AirTag is a useful accessory for anyone who frequently misplaces their belongings or wants to keep an eye on their luggage while traveling.

Moreover, Costco’s discount on Apple products is well-known, and it is no different from the AirTag. The membership-only warehouse club offers a range of Apple products, from iPhones to MacBooks, at discounted prices, making it a go-to destination for those who love Apple products.

The Apple AirTag is a handy gadget that can help you keep tabs on your belongings. Costco’s exclusive deal of a pack of four at $94.99 is an excellent offer, and if you are an Apple enthusiast, it is worth checking out Costco’s discounts on other Apple products as well.

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Availability of AirTags at Costco

Costco is currently offering Apple’s all-new AirTags for sale. As a pre-order, Costco members can purchase a 4-pack of AirTags for $94.99, and the product will be shipped to them. It’s worth noting that this product is currently only available as a pre-order, which means it may not be available for immediate purchase in-store or online. However, interested customers can visit the Costco website to place an order and secure their AirTags.

apple airtag 4 pack costco

The Benefits of Buying Apple Products from Costco

When it comes to buying Apple products, Costco can be a good option for those looking to save money. Apple products at Costco are typically discounted, which can make them more affordable than buying directly from Apple. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Costco may not always have the same selection of products as Apple and its offerings may be limited in terms of colors and features.

In addition to potentially limited options, there are a few other things to consider when buying Apple products from Costco. For example, Costco’s return policy is different from Apple’s, so it’s important to understand the terms of the return policy before making a purchase. Additionally, Costco may not offer the same level of customer support as Apple, which could be an issue if you encounter any problems with your device.

Buying Apple products from Costco can be a good option for those who are looking to save money and are willing to accept some limitations in terms of selection and support. It’s important to do your research and compare prices and policies before making a purchase, to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and the most suitable device for your needs.


The 4-pack of Apple’s all-new AirTags is a great deal for Costco members who are looking for a reliable and efficient way to keep track of their belongings. With a pre-order price of $94.99 and free shipping, this offer provides a significant discount compared to the regular retail price of $99 for a single AirTag. Costco’s commitment to offering high-quality products and services at affordable prices is evident in this offer, which makes it an excellent opportunity for Apple fans to get their hands on the latest technology from one of the world’s most innovative companies. the Apple AirTag 4-pack is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep their belongings safe and secure.

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