Best Roku Apps to Stream Your Favorite Anime Shows

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Are you a fan of anime and looking for the best Roku apps to stream your favorite anime shows? Look no further than this comprehensive guide to anime Roku apps.

First on the list is FilmRise Anime. This Roku channel offers a range of anime and kids’ animation series dubbed in various languages. With a premium subscription, you can enjoy unlimited ad-free anime including TV episodes, OVAs, and movies in both English dubbed and subtitled formats. At just $6.99 per month, it’s a great deal for anime lovers.

Another popular Roku app for anime fans is Crunchyroll. This app offers both free and premium subscriptions, with the latter offering ad-free streaming and access to simulcasts. With a massive library of anime shows and movies, Crunchyroll is a must-have for any anime fan.

Funimation is also a great option for anime fans, with its extensive library of dubbed and subtitled shows and movies. The app offers both free and premium subscriptions, with the latter providing access to exclusive content, ad-free streaming, and offline viewing.

Anime Network is another popular Roku app for anime enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of anime shows and movies in both dubbed and subtitled formats. The app is free to download but requires a subscription to unlock its full library.

Last but not least, HiDive is a newer addition to the anime streaming scene but has quickly gained popularity among fans. With a focus on classic and new anime shows and movies, HiDive offers a range of dubbed and subtitled content. The app offers a free trial but requires a subscription to access its full library.

There are several great anime Roku apps available for fans to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a specific anime show or just want to explore new titles, these apps offer a vast library of content in various languages and formats. So, start streaming and enjoy your favorite anime shows on your Roku device today!

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Does Roku Offer an App for Anime?

There is a Roku app for anime called “FilmRise Anime.” It is a free app that offers a wide range of anime and kids’ animation series in various dubbed languages. With FilmRise Anime, you can enjoy your favorite anime series on your Roku device without any hassle. The app features a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate through the content easily. Additionally, you can create a watchlist to keep track of your favorite shows and movies. FilmRise Anime is an excellent choice for anime fans who want to watch their favorite shows on Roku.

Is the Anime Network Free on Roku?

Anime Network is not free on Roku. You need to have a Premium Subscription to access Anime Network on Roku. The subscription costs $6.99 per month and allows you to watch an unlimited amount of ad-free anime including TV episodes, OVAs, and Movies in English dubbed and subtitled formats. Once you have subscribed to Anime Network, you can use your login credentials to access it on Roku by adding the Anime Network channel to your Roku device.

Is Funimation Free on Roku?

The Funimation app is available on Roku as a free channel, but it also offers a premium subscription service that provides access to additional content and features. With the free version of Funimation on Roku, you can watch a limited selection of anime series and movies with ads. However, to access the full library of content and stream without ads, you will need to upgrade to a premium subscription. Additionally, some content may require an additional rental fee even with a premium subscription. It’s important to note that the cost of the premium subscription varies depending on the plan you choose and your country of residence.


Roku offers a variety of anime apps for anime lovers to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on their television screens. With apps like Funimation, Crunchyroll, and FilmRise Anime, viewers can access a wide range of anime content in various languages, including English, dubbed, and subtitled formats. Premium subscribers can enjoy ad-free anime content, while free viewers can still access a vast selection of anime programs. the availability of anime Roku apps have made it easier for anime enthusiasts to watch their favorite shows and discover new ones from the comfort of their own homes.

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