Kaspersky Rolls Out Anti Virus Software Free for Global Audience

July 27, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Cyber threats need no introduction in modern days. Those have grown so perilous that’s it is nearly impossible to think of a device without an antivirus protection. Speak of those, and you certainly have to make sure those arrive with robust guarding features, which definitely takes you to paid antivirus services.

Kaspersky is one such prominent antivirus software that offers maximum protection to your devices. Now, they have decided to offer that same protection to a broader brand of audience, starting with the free roll out of the antivirus software.

With an aim to increase the quality of the protection of all internet users, the company has started rolling out its free antivirus product across multiple regions. The free version is currently available to regions including Russia and China now, and it will be expanded with the global rollout that will peck regions including US. The rollout will be further expanded to later regions in phases, which will finally culminate with the final rollout on December this year.

Kaspersky promises to offer all the essential features that would be offered by a potent security software including complete guard for emails, files and web. Additional security features including quarantine and anti-phishing tools are also provided in the free version. The software will also be receiving automatic updates.

Alongside, the free software will also refrain itself from habit-tracking of users. The free software also has been made lightweight, keeping in mind the reach of the free version. As with the original version, it will continue to receive premium exclusive features that includes VPN, Parental Control and more.

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