How to Install and Set Up Kami Extension on Your Mac

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Welcome to Kami for Mac! Kami is an innovative cloud-based document annotation and collaboration tool designed to help you work smarter, not harder. With Kami, you can easily annotate PDFs, Word documents, and other file formats directly in your browser, without the need to install any software.

Kami Mac Extension makes it even easier to access and use Kami’s features. With this Chrome extension, you can open any supported file format directly from your web browser — no additional plugins are required. You can also quickly access Kami’s powerful annotation tools like highlighting, drawing shapes, adding text boxes, and more with just a few clicks.

Kami Mac Extension also provides users with the ability to integrate with Google Classroom. This allows teachers to assign assignments in Google Classroom and have them automatically open up in Kami for students to complete their work in an easier way than ever before.

Kami Mac Extension is free to download and use. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems as long as Chrome browser or app is installed (recommend the latest version). To install the extension, head to the Chrome Web Store, search for “Kami” and click Add to Chrome.

We hope that Kami Mac Extension will help make your document collaboration experience smoother than ever before! Try it out today and let us know what you think!

How to Install and Set Up Kami Extension on Your Mac 1

Does Kami Work on Mac Computers?

Yes, Kami does work on Mac. Kami is a web application, so as long as you have the Chrome browser installed on your Mac device, you can use Kami. We recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome for the best performance.

Installing the Kami Extension

To get the Kami extension, you’ll need to head over to the Chrome Web Store. Once you’re there, search for “Kami” and click on the Add to Chrome button. Once it’s finished installing, you’ll be able to open PDFs and other documents directly in your browser and start working with the Kami tools. You can always find the Kami extension on its dedicated page in the Chrome Web Store if you ever need it.

Using Kami on Safari

Yes, you can use Kami on Safari! The Kami Chrome Extension is available for Safari browsers, allowing you to integrate Kami with Google Classroom and automatically open files. To install the extension, just go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Kami. Once installed, you’ll be able to use all of Kami’s features including editing PDFs, annotating images, and adding comments. Thanks for using Kami!

Opening a PDF File with Kami Mac

To open a PDF with Kami on Mac, you will first need to install and sign in to the Kami app. Once you have done this, go to and right-click on the PDF file you want to open. Hover over ‘Open with’ and select ‘Connect more apps’. Search for Kami and select ‘Connect’. After this, you should be able to see Kami listed as an available option when selecting ‘Open with’. Simply select Kami and your PDF will open in the Kami app.

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Is the Kami Extension Free?

Yes, the Kami extension is completely free! It doesn’t require any payment information when signing up and there are no ads or hidden costs. Downloading and installing the extension only takes a few moments, so you can start using it immediately. With Kami you’ll have access to powerful PDF and document editing tools and other great features, all for free!


Kami Mac Extension is a great tool for anyone looking to easily integrate their documents with Google Classroom. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers and can be quickly installed from the Chrome Web Store. It allows users to open documents directly in Kami without having to download a separate application. Furthermore, the integration of Google Classroom provides an easy way to track student progress and activity in real-time. Kami Mac Extension is a powerful and useful tool for both educators and students alike.

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