Why Doesn’t The Apple Logo On My Macbook Light Up?

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MacBook laptops are some of the most popular and well-known laptops around, and they’ve been a staple of productivity and entertainment for many years. One thing that has always been iconic about the MacBook is its illuminated Apple logo on the back cover. But if you’ve recently purchased a MacBook, you may have noticed that this feature is no longer present. So why doesn’t the Apple on my MacBook light up anymore?

The answer lies in Apple’s goal to make their devices thinner and lighter than ever before. With each new model, Apple works to make its products slimmer and more portable, which requires them to find ways to reduce the thickness of each component. This includes the cover, which houses the illuminated Apple logo. In order to make this area thinner, Apple had to remove the space needed for the cutout that allows light to pass through it and illuminate the logo.

The removal of this iconic feature has disappointed many fans of the MacBook; however, there may be good news on the horizon. Rumors have been circulating that Apple is working on a way to bring back this beloved design touch with an even more advanced lighting system than before. A recent patent filed by Apple suggests that they have plans for something called ‘light emitting diode matrix assemblies’ which could potentially allow them to bring back an illuminated Apple logo without sacrificing any space or thickness from the laptop cover.

If these rumors are true and Apple succeeds in bringing back this much-loved design element, fans of the Macbook will once again be able to enjoy its iconic glowing symbol as part of their device’s look and feel. Until then, though, those looking for an illuminated logo will need to stick with older models or wait until Apple releases new versions with their rumored advanced lighting system included.

Why Doesn't The Apple Logo On My Macbook Light Up? 1

The Lack of Glow in the Apple Logo

The Apple logo is no longer illuminated in the newer models of MacBook. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including cost savings and design considerations. By removing the illumination, Apple is able to reduce manufacturing costs and keep the laptop’s profile slim. Additionally, many users found that the illuminated logo was distracting and took away from the overall aesthetic design of the laptop. As a result, Apple decided to go with an unilluminated logo on their newer models.

Does the Apple Logo on the MacBook Illuminate?

No, the Apple logo on the MacBook does not currently light up. However, there is a new Apple patent that suggests that the illuminated logo may make a return in the future. This patent reveals that the company is researching ways to bring back the glowing logo design feature.

Troubleshooting the Lack of Glowing Apple Logo on MacBook Air

The Apple logo on the MacBook Air is no longer glowing due to improvements in the internal structural rigidity of the device. In order to strengthen the device, Apple decided to remove the backlit logo and instead adhered to a flat logo that does not require an additional light source. This decision was made in order to ensure that the laptop is structurally rigid and can withstand external forces without compromising its design or performance.

Macbook Models with Glowing Apple Logo

The first Mac laptop to feature a glowing Apple logo was the third-generation PowerBook G3, released in 1999. The lit-up logo has been included on all successive Mac laptops since then, with the most recent being the 16-inch MacBook Pro, released in 2019. The Apple logo is made of durable plastic and glows brightly when the laptop is powered on. It serves as a subtle reminder of the iconic brand while simultaneously adding an aesthetically pleasing touch.


In conclusion, while the illuminated Apple logo was a beloved design touch of the MacBook, it was removed in 2015 due to space constraints when Apple shifted to thinner and lighter display assemblies. However, recent patent filings suggest that the illuminated logo could soon make a return. Apple has yet to comment on when or if this will occur, but it could offer a nostalgic look for those who miss the classic design element.

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