How to Stream Vinland Saga On Amazon Prime?

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Vinland Saga is an epic anime series that is making waves in the world of anime enthusiasts. The hit anime series is based on Makoto Yukimura’s Viking-inspired manga and has been adapted by Wit Studio into an anime. The series has gained a massive following and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

The story of Vinland Saga follows the journey of Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior, as he seeks revenge against Askeladd, the man who killed his father. The series takes place in a time of turmoil, where the Vikings are constantly at war with each other and with other nations. The story is gripping and intense, with plenty of action, drama, and suspense to keep viewers engaged.

One of the standout features of Vinland Saga is its animation. Wit Studio has done an excellent job of bringing the world of the Vikings to life, with stunning visuals that capture the brutality and beauty of the era. The fight scenes are particularly well-done, with fluid animation and dynamic camera movements that make the battles feel visceral and exciting.

Another strength of Vinland Saga is its characters. Thorfinn is a compelling protagonist, driven by his desire for revenge but also struggling with the moral implications of his actions. Askeladd, meanwhile, is a complex villain, a charismatic and cunning warrior who is not always what he seems.

Vinland Saga is a classic anime in the making. It has all the elements that make for a great anime series: a compelling story, stunning animation, and memorable characters. If you’re a fan of anime or just looking for a new series to binge-watch, then Vinland Saga is definitely worth checking out.

How to Stream Vinland Saga On Amazon Prime? 1

Is ‘Vinland Saga’ Produced by Amazon?

Vinland Saga anime is produced by Amazon. The anime is an adaptation of the manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. It premiered on July 7, 2019, and was exclusively available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. The series was produced by Wit Studio, which is known for producing popular anime series such as Attack on Titan and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Therefore, Amazon’s Vinland Saga anime is a part of their original programming and is available only on their streaming service.

Is ‘Vinland’ an Amazon Exclusive?

Vinland Saga is an Amazon Prime-exclusive anime series. It is a part of the streaming platform’s original content and can only be watched by Amazon Prime subscribers. Vinland Saga’s first three episodes have already been released on the Amazon Prime platform, and the remaining episodes will also be exclusively available on Amazon Prime. It is worth noting that Amazon Prime has previously released other anime series such as Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Inuyashiki that are exclusive to the platform.

Where to Watch the Vinland Saga Anime

To watch the Vinland Saga anime, you can currently only stream it on Prime Video. However, to access it, you will need to have a subscription to Prime Video which costs $8.99 per month. If you are not a current member, you can sign up for the service and start watching the anime. It is worth noting that Prime Video is an exclusive streaming platform for Vinland Saga, so you won’t find it on other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. Once you have a Prime Video subscription, you can search for Vinland Saga and start streaming the episodes. The anime is available in both Japanese with English subtitles and English dubbed versions. Therefore, you can choose whichever version you prefer to watch. Overall, if you want to watch the Vinland Saga anime, subscribing to Prime Video is the only option available at the moment.


Vinland Saga is a must-watch for fans of epic anime series. With its stunning animation, gripping storyline, and intense action scenes, it is a classic in the making. The fact that it is currently exclusive to Amazon Prime Video only adds to its allure for those who are subscribed to the streaming service. The series is a faithful adaptation of the manga and is sure to satisfy both fans of the source material and newcomers alike. With the upcoming release on Netflix in select regions, even more, viewers will have the chance to experience the bloody Viking tale of Vinland Saga. this anime is definitely worth checking out for those who enjoy action-packed historical dramas.

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