Unraveling the Benefits of Online Co-Op in Unravel Two

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Unravel Two is a stunning puzzle platformer developed by Coldwood Interactive and was released in 2018. The game follows the adventures of two yarn characters, known as Yarnys, as they journey through a beautiful world filled with obstacles and challenges. The game’s unique feature is its seamless local co-op, which allows two players to play together on the same screen. However, if you’re on PlayStation 4, you can also play together online through Share Play.

Share Play is a feature available on PlayStation 4 that allows you to share your game with a friend over the internet. This means that you and your friend can play Unravel Two together online, even if only one person owns the game. To use Share Play, simply invite your friend to join your game session. Once they accept, they will be able to play the game on their own screen, but they will be controlling the second Yarny character in your game.

Playing Unravel Two with a friend can be a lot of fun, as it requires teamwork and communication to solve the puzzles in the game. The game’s puzzles are designed to be challenging, but not too difficult so that players can have fun while still feeling a sense of accomplishment when they solve them.

One thing to keep in mind when playing Unravel Two online with Share Play is that it does require a stable internet connection. If your connection is not strong enough, you may experience lag or other issues that can make the game difficult to play. Additionally, both players will need a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to use Share Play.

Unravel Two is a fantastic game that is even better when played with a friend. Whether you’re playing locally or online through Share Play, the game’s co-op mode is a great way to experience the game’s beautiful world and engaging puzzles. So, grab a friend and start your Yarny adventure today!

Unraveling the Benefits of Online Co-Op in Unravel Two 1

Does Unravel 2 Offer Online Co-op?

Unravel Two does have an online co-op on PlayStation 4 through the Share Play feature. This allows you and a friend to play together even if you are not in the same physical location, providing a seamless online co-op experience. Unravel Two is designed as a local co-op game, but the addition of Share Play on PS4 expands the options for players who want to team up with friends remotely. It is important to note that Share Play requires both players to have a stable internet connection, and only one player needs to own a copy of the game. Unravel Two provides a fun and engaging co-op experience, both locally and online through Share Play.

Playing Unravel 2 Online Co-op on PC

It is possible to play Unravel 2 online co-op on a PC with the help of third-party software like Remote Play Together or Parsec. However, it should be noted that the game does not have native online co-op functionality. This means that players cannot simply join a game online without using additional software. Remote Play Together and Parsec allow players to share their screen with another player who can then control the second character in the game. These services use streaming technology to provide a seamless online co-op experience. It is important to ensure that both players have a stable and fast internet connection for the best gameplay experience.


Unravel Two offers a beautiful and immersive world for players to explore with their friends in local co-op mode. However, if you’re playing on PlayStation 4, you can also enjoy the game’s online co-op mode through Share Play. While this game has no native online co-op feature, players can still use remote play together or Parsec to enjoy the game with their friends online. Unravel Two’s co-op mode is a fantastic addition to the game, providing a fun and engaging way for players to experience its unique world together.

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