Unlocking Music Discovery with Spotify Enhance

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The new Spotify Enhance feature is here to revolutionize the way we discover and enjoy music on the popular streaming platform. With just a click of a button, users can now enhance their playlists with up to 30 personalized song recommendations. This exciting new feature takes the hassle out of searching for new music and keeps your playlists fresh and engaging.

The Enhance button, prominently located at the top of each playlist, allows users to toggle the feature on and off at their convenience. Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through recommended songs or relying solely on your own music library. With Enhance, you can effortlessly infuse your playlists with new and exciting tracks, ensuring a dynamic listening experience.

What sets Enhance apart is its smart algorithm, which analyzes your playlist and music preferences to curate the perfect recommendations for you. By taking into account your listening history, favorite genres, and even your mood, Enhance delivers a tailored selection of songs that are sure to resonate with your musical taste.

But what about those who prefer a more traditional approach to shuffling their playlists? Enter Smart Shuffle, another remarkable feature that builds on the song recommendation benefits of Enhance. With Smart Shuffle, you can enjoy a seamless and personalized listening experience, as it intelligently selects songs from your playlist based on your preferences. Say goodbye to random and unrelated tracks disrupting your flow!

In addition to the introduction of Enhance and Smart Shuffle, Spotify is also making changes to its user interface. The beloved heart icon, which has long served as the symbol for liking songs, is being retired. However, fear not, as it is being consolidated into the new Plus (+) button. This single symbol now represents both the act of liking a song and adding it to a playlist. This streamlining of icons simplifies the user experience, making it even easier to interact with your favorite music.

So, whether you’re a die-hard music enthusiast or simply enjoy discovering new tunes, Spotify Enhance is a game-changer. With its personalized recommendations and effortless integration into your playlists, you can elevate your music listening experience to new heights. So go ahead, enhance your playlists and let the music take you on a journey of discovery!

How Do You Get the Enhance Button On Spotify?

To access the enhance button on Spotify, follow these steps:

1. Open the Spotify application on your device.
2. Navigate to the playlist you want to enhance.
3. Look for the top of the playlist interface, where you will find various options and buttons.
4. Locate the “Enhance” button at the top of the playlist. It should be clearly labeled and easily distinguishable.
5. Click or tap on the “Enhance” button to activate the feature.

Once you’ve activated the enhance feature, Spotify will automatically generate up to 30 additional recommendations for the playlist you’re currently viewing. These recommendations are based on your listening history, preferences, and similar music choices.

To deactivate the enhance feature, simply click or tap on the “Enhance” button again. This will disable the feature, and the additional recommendations will no longer be displayed in the playlist.

Please note that the enhance feature is designed to enhance your listening experience by providing new and relevant music suggestions. It aims to offer a balance between adding recommendations and overwhelming you with too many options.

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What is the Difference Between Smart Shuffle And Enhance?

Smart Shuffle and Enhance are two features offered by our music streaming platform that aim to enhance the user experience and provide personalized song recommendations. While both features have the goal of helping users discover new music, they offer different functionalities.

Smart Shuffle is a feature designed to intelligently shuffle songs in a user’s playlist or library. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the user’s listening habits, preferences, and the characteristics of the songs in their collection. By considering factors such as genre, tempo, mood, and artist similarities, Smart Shuffle creates a customized listening experience that aligns with the user’s taste. It ensures that the songs played in shuffle mode are not only random but also tailored to the user’s preferences, increasing the chances of discovering new music they are likely to enjoy.

Enhance, on the other hand, focuses on refreshing a user’s existing track list without deviating too much from their musical preferences. It analyzes the songs in a user’s playlist or library and suggests similar or related songs that they may not have discovered before. Enhance takes into account various factors such as the user’s listening history, favorite artists, and the characteristics of the songs they enjoy. By suggesting songs that are similar but not identical to the user’s existing collection, Enhance helps users expand their musical horizons while still staying within their comfort zone.

Both Smart Shuffle and Enhance offer unique ways to discover music and enhance the user’s overall music streaming experience.

Did Spotify Remove the Like Button?

Spotify has made a change to its user interface by consolidating the Heart icon, which was used as the like button, with the “Add to playlist” icon. This means that the Heart icon will no longer be used specifically for liking songs or content on the platform. Instead, Spotify has introduced a new symbol to represent both actions, which is the Plus (+) button. The Plus button will now serve the purpose of adding songs to playlists as well as expressing liking or enjoyment of a particular track. This change aims to streamline the user experience and make it more intuitive for users to add songs to their playlists while also indicating their preference or approval of the music.


The Spotify Enhance button is a new and exciting feature that allows users to easily enhance their playlists with personalized song recommendations. By simply pressing the Enhance button, users can toggle the feature on and off, ensuring that their playlists stay fresh and diverse. With a maximum of 30 recommendations per playlist, users can discover new music without overwhelming their playlists. This feature builds on the success of Spotify’s Enhance function, which was launched in 2021 and has already been well-received by users. Additionally, Spotify is making changes to its interface by consolidating the Heart icon and the “Add to playlist” icon into a single symbol, the Plus (+) button. This update aims to simplify the user experience and streamline the process of liking and adding songs to playlists. the Spotify Enhance button is a valuable tool for music lovers who want to discover new tracks while keeping their playlists up to date and engaging.

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