How to Take Screenshots of Your iPhone Calls?

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Taking a screenshot of an iPhone call is a great way to store important conversations for future reference. Whether you’re making business arrangements, recording memories with loved ones, or just want to remember something crucial from the call, capturing a screenshot of the conversation is easy and convenient.

To capture a screenshot of your iPhone call, simply press and hold the side button and volume up button at the same time. If you have an iPhone with a Home button, press and then release both the Home button and side button simultaneously. On newer iPhones with Face ID, press and then release both the side button and the volume up buttons at the same time. Once you’ve taken your screenshot, it will be stored in your Photos app so that you can look back on it whenever you need to.

If your iPhone has Assistive Touch enabled (available through Settings ? Accessibility ? Assistive Touch), taking a screenshot of a call is even easier! Simply enable Assistive Touch using the switch at the top of your screen, then press the Assistive Touch button followed by Device. More? Screenshot to save the image.

No matter which method you choose, capturing screenshots of calls on your iPhone can be incredibly helpful when it comes to remembering important conversations or providing evidence of arrangements made over phone calls. Next time you need to take a screenshot during a call on your iPhone, be sure to follow one of these simple steps for quick and easy access later!

How to Take Screenshots of Your iPhone Calls? 1

Can You Take a Screenshot of an iPhone Call?

Yes, you can take a screenshot of a call on an iPhone. To do this, press the side button and the volume up button at the same time for iPhones with Face ID or the Home button and the side button for iPhones with a Home button. The image will be saved in your Photos app and you can share it from there.

Taking a Screenshot While on a Call

To take a screenshot while on a call, you can use Assistive Touch, which is available from the Accessibility menu in Settings. Once enabled, you can activate Assistive Touch by tapping its icon on your screen, then selecting “Device” and “More” before selecting “Screenshot”. This will capture a screenshot of whatever is currently on your screen.

Can You Take a Screenshot on FaceTime Without Notifying the Other Person?

No, unfortunately, you can’t take a screenshot on FaceTime without them knowing. FaceTime does not provide any notification when someone takes a screenshot or records the call, so it’s not possible to do it without the other person knowing.

Can Someone Detect If You Take a Screenshot on FaceTime?

Yes, someone can tell if you take a screenshot on FaceTime. When you take a screenshot during the video feed, an alert will pop up that shows the name of the person who took it. This alert is useful for group FaceTime meetings, so there is no denying who took the screenshot once this alert appears.

Taking a Screenshot: Three Methods

Taking a screenshot on an Android device can be done in tree ways:
1. Hold down the power and volume buttons at the same time.
2. Hold down the power and home buttons (if your device has a physical home button).
3. Tap on the screenshot button in the pull-down shade.


The screenshot of an iPhone call can be a useful tool for keeping track of conversations and important information. It can be taken by pressing the side button and the Home button at the same time, then quickly releasing both buttons. For users who have an iPhone with Face ID, the volume-up button must also be pressed simultaneously. For those who have difficulty accessing these buttons, Assistive Touch may be used from within the Accessibility settings. With this feature enabled, users can take a screenshot with just a few taps of a virtual home button.

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