How to Upgrade the SSD on Your Macbook Pro 2019?

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If you’re looking to upgrade your MacBook Pro 2019 and get better performance, the best way to do that is with an SSD upgrade. An SSD (Solid State Drive) will dramatically increase the speed of your laptop, allowing it to boot up faster and run applications more quickly.

The good news is that you can actually upgrade the SSD in a MacBook Pro 2019 yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think, but it does require some technical knowledge. Before attempting a DIY upgrade, make sure you have all the right tools and know what you’re doing.

First off, you need to purchase a compatible SSD for your specific model of MacBook Pro 2019. The important thing here is to make sure the storage capacity is compatible with your laptop – if it’s too large or too small, it won’t fit properly in your laptop. Once you’ve found the right SSD for your machine, it’s time to start the installation process.

The first step is to shut down your laptop and disconnect all cables (including power cables). You should also remove any external drives or memory cards from the laptop. Then open up the back panel of your laptop – this may require removing some screws with a screwdriver or pry tool.

Once inside, locate the existing drive and unscrew any screws that are holding it in place. Carefully pull out the drive by its edges and set it aside somewhere safe. Then insert your new drive in its place – make sure all connections are secure before continuing.

Now close up the back panel of your laptop, reconnect any cables that were removed earlier, and power on your machine again. Your new SSD should now be recognized by macOS automatically, but if not then you may need to install drivers or firmware updates before continuing.

Finally, use disk utility software like Apple Disk Utility or Carbon Copy Cloner to clone all data from your old hard drive onto your new one – this includes system files as well as personal data such as photos and documents. Once complete, restart your computer again for the changes to take effect!

And there you have it – an easy guide on how to upgrade an SSD on a MacBook Pro 2019! With just a few steps and some basic knowledge of computers, anyone can perform an SSD upgrade on their own machine – no expensive technician is required!

How to Upgrade the SSD on Your Macbook Pro 2019? 1

Can a 2TB SSD Be Installed in a MacBook Pro?

Unfortunately, no. The 2TB SSD Kit for Mac Pro is designed specifically for the Mac Pro and cannot be used with a MacBook Pro. While the form factors of the two models are similar, their components are not interchangeable. Therefore, a 2TB SSD cannot be installed in a MacBook Pro.

Cost of Upgrading MacBook Pro SSD

Upgrading your MacBook Pro SSD drive can cost between $330 and $700 depending on the capacity of the SSD drive and the model of your MacBook. The cost includes installation and data transfer services, so you don’t have to worry about setting up your new SSD. We offer a range of SSD drives to suit any budget, so you can be sure that you get the best upgrade option for your needs.

Can All SSDs Be Used in a MacBook Pro?

Yes, any SSD will work in a MacBook Pro. However, it is best to use an SSD that is designed specifically for Macs. This is because some standard PC-based SSDs may not be optimized for the specific hardware and software requirements of Macs. Additionally, it is important to make sure the drive you purchase is compatible with your particular model of MacBook Pro. For example, if you have a newer model with a Thunderbolt interface, you will need to use an SSD that supports this type of connection. Finally, be sure to check what type of storage capacity your device can support and make sure the drive you choose matches up accordingly.

Compatible SSD Drives for MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is compatible with a wide range of SSD drives, including those from major brands such as Samsung, SanDisk, G-Technology, LaCie, Seagate, Kingston, and Western Digital. All these drives are specifically designed to work with the MacBook Pro, making them ideal for boosting its storage capacity and improving its performance. The most popular models include the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Shield, SanDisk Professional PRO-G40, G-Technology G-Drive Mobile SSD, LaCie Portable SSD, and Seagate OneTouch SSD. For more specialist users there are also higher-end drives such as the Kingston XS2000 and Western Digital Black P40 Envoy Pro FX SSD.

Can You Upgrade the Storage of a MacBook Pro?

Unfortunately, the MacBook Pro is not upgradable when it comes to internal storage. The SSD used by the MacBook Pro is proprietary and cannot be replaced or upgraded using aftermarket parts. However, you can expand your MacBook Pro’s storage capacity with external drives and USB flash drives. Additionally, Apple offers a variety of different models with different storage capacities so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs.


The MacBook Pro 2019 is a powerful and capable device, however, it is not possible to upgrade the SSD. The SSD is soldered to the logic board, meaning that it cannot be replaced or swapped out for an upgraded model. However, you can expand your storage by adding additional external SSDs. This is the best option if you are looking for more storage space on your MacBook Pro 2019.

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