How to Enable Auto-Rotation on Your iPhone 8

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Are you having trouble getting your iPhone 8 to auto-rotate? We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the different ways you can enable auto rotation on your iPhone 8.

The first step is to make sure the orientation lock is not turned on in the control center. To do this, open the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and tapping the “Lock” icon at the top of the screen. If it is enabled, tap it again to disable it.

Once you have made sure that the orientation lock is off, simply rotate your iPhone 8 physically around and the screen will rotate. This can be done by either flipping it upside down or rotating it sideways.

If this still doesn’t work, then you might need to adjust your screen rotation settings. To do this, open your device’s Settings app and select Accessibility. Then select the Auto-rotate screen and toggle it on.

Once you have enabled auto rotation on your iPhone 8, you should be able to turn it in any direction without any issues. However, if for some reason it still isn’t working then you may need to reset your device or contact Apple support for further assistance.

We hope this blog post has been helpful in getting auto-rotate working on your iPhone 8! If you have any other questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to reach out for help from our team at Apple Support.

How to Enable Auto-Rotation on Your iPhone 8 1

Does the iPhone 8 Feature Auto Rotate?

Yes, the iPhone 8 does have an auto-rotate feature. This feature allows the screen to automatically rotate when you turn the phone sideways or upside down. To enable this feature, go to the Settings app, then tap on Display & Brightness, and make sure that Auto-Rotate is enabled. If it’s disabled, simply toggle it on to enable it.

Troubleshooting Phone Screen Rotation Issues

There are a few reasons why your phone’s screen might not be rotating. First, it’s possible that the auto-rotate setting has been disabled. To check this, open your device’s Settings app and select Accessibility, then select Auto-rotate screen to enable the setting. If this is already enabled, another possibility is that the rotation lock button has been pressed accidentally. This is usually located in the Quick Settings menu (swipe down from the top of your screen). Lastly, it could be that there is a hardware issue preventing your phone from rotating properly. If none of these solutions work, you may need to contact your device manufacturer for help.

Activating Auto Rotate

Activating auto rotation on your device is a simple process. Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick settings panel. Look for the screen orientation icon (either Portrait or Landscape). Tap the icon so that it activates Auto rotate. You’ll know that it’s active when you see a circular arrow icon next to the portrait/landscape icon. Once the auto rotation is active, you can switch between portrait and landscape modes by simply rotating your device.

Enabling Auto Rotate on an iPhone 8 Plus

On the iPhone 8 Plus, you can access the Auto Rotate feature in the Control Centre. To open Control Centre, simply swipe down from the top right-hand corner of your screen. Once it is opened, look for the Portrait Orientation Lock button and make sure that it is turned off – if it is turned on, your phone will not automatically rotate when you turn your device sideways.

Troubleshooting iPhone Rotation Issues

Your iPhone may not be rotating because the screen rotation feature has been locked. This feature can be locked in the Control Center, and it allows you to prevent your screen from automatically rotating when you turn your device. If this feature is enabled, you will need to manually unlock it in order to get your iPhone’s screen to rotate again. Additionally, if an app you’re using doesn’t support rotation, you may also need to restart the app or restart your iPhone or iPad for it to start working correctly.

Troubleshooting Auto Rotate Issues

Auto rotate might not be working on your phone because the feature might be disabled in your device settings. To check if auto-rotate is enabled, go to Settings>Display and make sure the auto-rotate function is turned on. Additionally, some apps are designed to not allow the auto-rotate functionality, so you may need to adjust your app settings as well. Additionally, if you have a case or a screen protector on your device, these can interfere with the auto-rotate sensor and cause it to not work properly.


The iPhone 8 has a great auto-rotate feature, allowing you to easily switch from portrait to landscape mode by simply rotating the phone. This feature is easy to use and can be activated or deactivated via the Quick Settings panel or the Accessibility settings. With this feature, you can quickly and conveniently change your device’s orientation for an optimal viewing experience.

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