How to Use External Mics with Your iPhone 11

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The iPhone 11 is Apple’s latest flagship smartphone and it’s a great device for capturing audio. Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 does not have a headphone jack, meaning that connecting an external microphone is not as straightforward as it could be. However, with the right adapters and cables, you can easily connect any type of microphone to your iPhone 11.

To start off with, if you are using a standard 3.5mm mic, you will need a 3.5mm TRRS Microphone Adapter in order to connect it to the lightning port on your iPhone 11. Once you have the adapter connected to your microphone and then plugged into your iPhone 11, you should be able to use any kind of external microphone whether it has a 3.5mm TRRS or TRS jack, a Lightning connector, or even an XLR connector.

If you’re looking for an even more comprehensive solution, there are other adapters available such as USB-C or Lightning to USB-A adapters that allow you to connect external mics that don’t have 3.5mm jacks such as condenser mics or mixers directly into your phone. You can also use these types of adapters if you want to record audio directly into apps like Garageband or other audio recording software on your phone without having to purchase an additional audio interface device.

No matter what type of external microphone you want to use with your iPhone 11, all that is required is one or more adapters along with an extension cable and you’ll be ready to go in no time at all! With just a few simple pieces of equipment, you can easily turn your iPhone 11 into a powerful mobile recording studio capable of capturing high-quality audio wherever you go!

How to Use External Mics with Your iPhone 11 1

Using an External Microphone with an iPhone 11

Yes, you can use an external mic on an iPhone 11. To do this, you will need a 3.5mm TRRS Microphone Adapter, which allows you to plug a 3.5mm microphone into the lightning port of your iPhone. Simply plug your microphone into the adapter and then connect the adapter to your iPhone. Once connected, you should be able to record audio using the external mic on your iPhone 11.

Using External Microphones with iPhones

Yes, you can use an external mic on your iPhone. You will need either a 3.5mm TRRS or TRS jack adapter, a Lightning connector adapter, or an XLR connector adapter, depending on the type of external mic you are using. You may also need an extension cable depending on the distance from your iPhone to the external mic. Once you have all of the necessary components, you should be able to connect and record with your external mic.

Does the iPhone 11 Have a Microphone Jack?

Unfortunately, the answer is still no. The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Max do not have a headphone jack or a microphone jack. This means that users will need to use either an adapter or Bluetooth headphones to listen to audio on their device or use an external microphone. Apple does provide its own range of Airpod true wireless earbuds which feature a built-in microphone, but many people prefer the sound quality of wired headphones or prefer the convenience of using their own external mic.

Which External Microphones are Compatible with iPhones?

External microphones that work with iPhones include the Rode VideoMic Me-L, Shure MV88, Zoom iQ7, Comica Audio CVM-VS09, Movo VRX10, and PALOVUE iMic Portable Microphone.

The Rode VideoMic Me-L is a compact shotgun microphone designed specifically for iPhone recording. It features a directional polar pattern which helps to record audio in noisy environments and it is powered by the headphone jack of your iPhone. It also comes with a windshield and integrated shock mount for maximum sound isolation.

The Shure MV88 is another popular choice for iPhone external mics. This mic offers a cardioid polar pattern that captures clear and accurate sound from the front while minimizing unwanted background noise from the sides and rear. The microphone also includes an adjustable design so you can set it up to capture sound from different angles.

The Zoom iQ7 is an all-in-one recording solution for iPhones featuring two capsules in an XY configuration which allows you to record in stereo sound with natural depth and clarity. The microphone also includes a built-in windscreen and shock mount to reduce unwanted wind noise and vibration.

The Comica Audio CVM-VS09 is another great choice for iPhone recording as it features an omnidirectional pickup pattern that can capture sound evenly on all sides. It also comes with an integrated foam windscreen to reduce wind noise.

The Movo VRX10 is a professional microphone designed specifically for video recording on iPhones or iPads. It features two separate condenser microphones that offer excellent stereo imaging and high sensitivity performance while providing up to 20dB of noise reduction when used outdoors or in noisy environments.

Finally, the PALOVUE iMic Portable Microphone is the perfect solution if you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful external mic for your iPhone or iPad. This mic offers superior sound quality thanks to its built-in preamp circuitry which provides up to 35dB of gain adjustment for crystal-clear audio capture every time!

Troubleshooting Issues with External Microphones on iPhone

If your external microphone isn’t working on your iPhone, there could be a few possible causes. The most likely cause is a compatibility issue between the external mic and the phone itself. iPhones use a Lightning connector port, so if your external mic uses a different type of port (such as USB or 3.5mm jack), then it won’t be compatible with your iPhone. Another possible cause is that you may need to use an adapter to connect the external mic to your iPhone. If you are using an adapter, make sure it is an Apple-certified adapter—some third-party adapters may not work properly with Apple products. Lastly, make sure that the external mic you are using is compatible with iOS devices—not all mics are compatible with iOS devices.


In conclusion, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Max do not come with a 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning that external microphones cannot be used without an adapter. However, with the right adapter, you can connect any external microphone wireless or wired to your iPhone for recording. All you need is one or more adapters and an extension cable depending on the type of connector your microphone supports. With the right adapter, you’ll be able to record audio on your iPhone 11 series devices with ease!

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