How To Turn Off Deliver Quietly

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Are you frustrated that cerain notifications are appearing on your iPhone’s lock screen? Apple has released a new feature in iOS 12, ‘Deliver Quietly’, to help you manage the notifications you receive.

Once enabled, the notifications from an app will no longer apear in the lock screen but rather in the Notification Center. This helps keep your phone looking neat and clean while still ensuring you don’t miss any important updates.

So how do you turn off Deliver Quietly? It’s actually qite easy! All you have to do is open up the notification center (swipe down from the top of your screen) and find a notification from the app that has this feature enabled. Swipe left on this notification and then choose Manage Notifications > Deliver Prominently. Repeat this process for all apps that have Deliver Quietly enabled if desired.

By enabling Deliver Prominently instead of Deliver Quietly, all future notifications from those apps will appear on your lock screen just like before. If you ever want to go back to seeing some notifications quietly, all you have to do is repeat this process, but choose ‘Deliver Quietly’ instead of ‘Deliver Prominently’.

We hope that this article has helped explain how to turn off ‘Deliver Quietly’ on your iPhone and give you more control over whch notifications appear on your lock screen. Have fun customizing!

Turning Off Deliver Quietly On Messages

Method 2: Open the Messages app. Tap the thre vertical dots in the top right corner of your screen. Select Settings from the menu. Select Notifications from the list. Scroll down to Deliver Quietly and toggle it off. Repeat for all apps that you want to disable the feature for if needed.

how to turn off deliver quietly

Turning Off Silent Delivery on iPhone

To turn off silent delivery on your iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Notifications. You’ll see a list of all the apps installed on your device. Select the app you want to turn off silent delivery for, then toggle the ‘Deliver Quietly’ option off. This will ensure that notifications from this app will show up in your Lock Screen or Notification Center as usual.

The Meaning of Delivered Quietly in Messages

When the Deliver Quietly feature is enabled, your messages will be delivered to the recipient’s device without making a sound or alerting them with a lock screen notification. This feature is especially useful if you don’t want to disturb someone who is busy or asleep, yet still want to make sure they receive your message. The recipient can view the message in their Notification Center and decide when they want to take action on it.

Turning Off Quietly Mode in iOS 15

To turn off ‘Deliver Quietly’ on iOS 15, open the Settings app and tap ‘Messages’. On the Messages page, tap ‘Notifications’, then toggle ‘Allow Notifications’ to the On position. This will ensure that all your messages are delivered with sound and vibration notifications.

Silencing Notifications on an iPhone

When somene has notifications silenced on an iPhone, it means they have enabled one of the Focus modes in their device settings. This prevents all notifications from appearing on the device, including text messages, emails, and app alerts. This is a great way to give yourself a break from the constant stream of notifications and focus on what is important.

Turning Off Silent Notifications on iMessage

To turn off silent notifications on iMessage, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap ‘Notifications’, then scroll down to the ‘Messages’ section. Make sure that the toggle for ‘Allow Notifications’ is enabled. Then, tap ‘Options’ undr the Messages section and make sure that the toggle for ‘Show Previews’ is set to either ‘When Unlocked’ or ‘Never’. This will ensure that notifications from iMessage are completely silent.


In conclusion, turning off the Deliver Quietly feature is a great way to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on notifications from your apps. This can be done quickly and easily by swiping left on a notification from the app you want to disable the feature for, tapping Manage, and then choosing Deliver Prominently. With this feature turned off, all of your notifications will appear on your iPhone’s lock screen as usual.

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