How To Get Larvitar In Heartgold

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Larvitar is a rare and highly sought-after Pokémon that can be found in the Johto region of Pokémon HeartGold. This small, dragon-like creature has been known to be very powerful, with its Rock/Ground typing giving it a wide range of resistances and support moves. It also has a unique move pool, including the Steel-type attack Headbutt.

Getting Larvitar in HeartGold can be quite difficult, as it only appears in one place – Mount Silver. As you progress through the game you will eventually reach Mt. Silver’s peak, where you can find Larvitar at levels 15-30 with a 5% chance of encounter rate. To make things even more difficult, it is best to save before entering the mountain so that you can reset if Larvitar doesn’t appear when you search the area.

Larvitar is a great addition to any team in HeartGold due to its unique typing and powerful move pool. With its bulk and resistance, it makes an excellent tank and can take on powerful opponents such as Dragonite or Pinsir with ease. It also has access to both Stealth Rock and Earthquake which makes it an excellent choice for supporting your team or dealing heavy damage to opposing Pokemon.

Overall, Larvitar is an amazing addition to any team in HeartGold and if you are looking for a tough tank or support Pokemon then this little dragon-like creature should definitely be considered!

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Where to Find Larvitar in Johto

Larvitar can be found in the wild in the Johto region. It appears in Mt. Silver, specifically on Mt. Silver’s mountainside and top floor, with a 5% encounter rate from levels 15-20 and 10% from levels 15-30 respectively. Additionally, it can also be found in tall grass or caves around Johto with a 4% encounter rate from levels 15-20.

Catching Larvitar Before the Elite Four

Yes, you can catch Larvitar before the Elite Four. It is found in the Mountain area, which is accessible after completing Baoba’s first challenge. When you reach this area, you’ll need to look for Larvitar and battle it in order to capture it. You should also bring plenty of Poké Balls, as well as some HP-restoring items like Potions and Berries to help increase your chances of capturing it.

how to get larvitar in heartgold

Is Larvitar Exclusive to Pokémon Diamond?

No, Larvitar is not exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. While it can be found in that game, it is also available in Pokemon Shining Pearl. However, if you would like to obtain a Larvitar in Pokemon Shining Pearl, you must trade with someone who already has one in their game.

Obtaining Larvitar in Pokémon HeartGold

In order to obtain a Larvitar in HeartGold, you must traverse the Mountain Zone during the day. You will need to collect five Peak Objects before it appears. Once this is accomplished, you will be able to encounter and capture a Larvitar. It is important to note that Larvitar does not appear at night, so it is best to look for it during the day.


In conclusion, Larvitar is a rare and powerful Pokémon found in the Johto region of the Pokémon universe. It is found in the interior of Mt. Silver at a far lower level than any other wild Pokémon, making it difficult to catch later in the game. Larvitar has excellent defensive and attacking capabilities, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a powerful ally. With its unique typing and ability, Larvitar can be used to great effect in battle, making it an invaluable addition to any team.

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