How To Get Electivire In Pokemon Soul Silver

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Welcome, Pokemon fans! Today we’re going to talk about the electrifying Electric-type Pokemon, Electivire. This powerful Pokemon is the evolved form of Electabuzz and was introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games. It has some great potential as an attacker and defender, so let’s dive into how to get your own Electivire in Pokemon Soul Silver.

First of all, you need to catch an Elekid. Elekids can be found on Route 10 and at the Safari Zone’s Forest area after placing four peak objects in the area. Once you have your Elekid, you will need an Electrizer to evolve it into an Electabuzz. The only way to get an Electrizer is from Simona in Jubilife Village for 1,000 MP (Merit Points).

Once you have your Electrizer, select it from your bag and use it on your Elekid to cause it to evolve into an Electabuzz. After that, simply trade your newly evolved Electabuzz while it is holding the Electrizer for it to evolve further into an Electivire. You can also find wild Elekids in Brilliant Diamond that may already be holding an Electrizer so that you don’t have to purchase one yourself.

So there you have it! With a bit of patience and some luck catching or finding a wild Elekid with an Electrizer attached, you can easily obtain your own powerful Electric-type powerhouse in no time! Good luck on your journey!

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Can You Obtain an Electabuzz in SoulSilver?

Yes, you can get Electabuzz in SoulSilver. Electabuzz can be found on Route 10 and at the Safari Zone’s Forest area after placing four Peak Objects in the area. To get Peak Objects, you’ll need to first obtain a peak object stone from the Safari Zone Warden located near the entrance of the Safari Zone. Once you have placed all four stones, Electabuzz will appear in the Forest area of the Safari Zone.

Does Electabuzz Evolve in Soul Silver?

Yes, Electabuzz can evolve in Soul Silver. It evolves when it is traded while holding an Electirizer. The Electirizer can be obtained in Cerulean Cave in HeartGold and SoulSilver, or on Route 13 in Black and White. Once the trade is complete, the Electabuzz will evolve into an Electivire.

Locating Electabuzz in Pokémon Silver

To find Electabuzz in Pokémon Silver, you’ll need to make your way to the Power Plant on Route 10. From the Rock Tunnel, head north until you reach the water. Then Surf your way around to the south and you will arrive at the Power Plant. Just past it is a patch of grass which is part of Route 10 and this is where Electabuzz can be found. Keep an eye out and you’ll eventually encounter one!


In conclusion, Electivire is a powerful Electric-type Pokémon that evolves from Electabuzz when it holds an Electirizer. It can only be found in Heart Gold and Soul Silver, on Route 10, or in the Safari Zone’s Forest area after placing four Peak Objects. The only way to get an Electivire is to trade an Electabuzz holding an Electirizer, which can be purchased from Simona in Jubilife Village for 1,000 MP or found in Brilliant Diamond. With its impressive electric attacks and great speed and defense stats, Electivire is a formidable opponent in battle.

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