How To Fix Water-Damaged iPhone XR

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Are you looking for advice on how to fix a water-damaged iPhone XR? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Water damage can be a major problem for any iPhone user, but it’s especially problematic for the latest models such as the iPhone XR.

Fortunately, it’s not necessarily the end of your phone if it gets wet. With the right steps and a little bit of luck, you may be able to save your phone from water damage. Here is what you should do if your iPhone XR gets wet:

1) Immediately turn off your phone and disconnect any cables or accessories connected to it.

2) Dry off any excess water on the outside of your phone by carefully wiping it down with a soft cloth or paper towel.

3) Gently tap your phone against your hand with the Lightning port facing down to help remove any remaining moisture. You can also try using a fan blowing cool air into the Lightning port to further dry out your iPhone XR.

4) Leave your phone out to dry completely before attempting to turn it on or plug in any cables or accessories.

5) Once you’re sure that all of the moisture has been removed from the inside and outside of your device, plug in an official Apple charger and try turning on your device again. If it works, then congratulations! You have successfully saved your water-damaged iPhone XR from certain doom! However, if it does not work then you will need to contact Apple for repairs.

Water damage repair costs vary depending on which model of iPhone XR you have; however, most repairs typically range from $399-$599 for an iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, $349-$399 for an iPhone 8/8 Plus, $319-$349 for an iPhone 7/7 Plus and $299-$329 for an iPhone 6/6s model. It is important that you take prompt action when dealing with water damage since waiting too long may void any warranty coverage that you may have with Apple Care+.

don’t panic if your beloved new iPhone XR gets wet! While there is no guarantee that these steps will save it from certain death due to water damage, they are definitely worth a shot before contacting Apple Care+ for repairs! Best of luck!

Cost of Repairing Water-Damaged iPhone XR

It depends on the extent of the water damage on your iPhone XR. Generally, Apple charges a flat rate between $399 and $599 for repairs related to water damage, depending on which model you have. This fee includes both parts and labor. It’s important to note that the repair cost may go up if more extensive damage is found inside the device. If this occurs, a technician will contact you with an updated repair estimate before any work is done.

how to fix water damaged iphone xr

Removing Water Damage from an iPhone XR

If your iPhone XR has been exposed to water, the best thing to do is turn it off immediately and disconnect any cables. Wipe down the phone with a soft, dry cloth. Gently tap the phone against your hand with the Lightning port facing down to remove any excess water. You can also put your iPhone in front of a fan blowing cool air into the Lightning port to dry it off. If you suspect that water damage has occurred, take it to an Apple store or authorized service provider for evaluation and repair.

Drying Out an iPhone XR

To dry out your iPhone XR, first, tap it gently against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down to remove any excess liquid. Then, place the device in a dry area with sufficient airflow. You can also try placing the device in front of a fan blowing cool air directly into the Lightning connector, which may help to speed up the drying process. Leave the device in this position until it is completely dry before turning it back on.

Identifying Water Damage on an iPhone XR

To determine if your iPhone XR has water damage, you’ll need to check the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) which is located on the inside of the SIM tray. The LCI will be white or silver in color when undamaged but will turn red if it has come into contact with water or a liquid containing water. Additionally, you may notice signs of corrosion on any exposed metal parts of your device. If either of these indicators is present, then your iPhone XR has likely been damaged by water.


In conclusion, the iPhone XR is a great device for those looking for a powerful phone with a modern design. It is water-resistant, but if it does get wet, it’s important to wipe it off and then turn it off and disconnect any cables right away. You can also use a fan blowing cool air into the Lightning port to help dry out the phone. With its impressive specs and features, the iPhone XR offers great value for money.

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