How To Buy A Ringtone For Your Iphone

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Are you looking for a new way to customize your iPhone? Look no further than buying a ringtone! Having a unique and customized ringtone helps you easily identify incoming calls, texts, and other notifications.

There are two ways to purchase a ringtone for your iPhone. The first is through the iTunes Store app. Here you can purchase ringtones, text tones, and other alert tones for clock alarms and more. All of the available ringtones are displayed in the “Tones” section of the store. You can browse through hundreds of different tones ranging from classic songs to modern tunes.

The second way to buy a ringtone is using your Apple Music subscription. If you have an active Apple Music subscription, you can access the thousands of available songs in their library and set any song as your custom ringtone. To do this, open the iTunes Store app and navigate to the “My Music” tab at the bottom. Here you’ll be able to search through their library of available tunes by artist or genre. Once you’ve found one that suits your needs, tap on it and select “Make Ringtone” from the popup menu that appears. This will save it as an .m4r file which will appear in your Files app where you can set it as your custom ringtone with just a few taps!

Buying a custom ringtone for your iPhone is easy and fun! Whether you choose something from the vast selection in iTunes Store or create one from one of your favorite Apple Music songs – haing a unique tone will make all incoming notifications easier to identify!

Can You Still Purchase Ringtones for iPhones?

Yes, you can still buy ringtones for your iPhone in the iTunes Store app. From the app, you can purchase different kinds of tones, such as ringtones, text tones, and other alert tones like clock alarms. To purchase a tone, just search by keyword or browse the available tone categories. Once you have selected and purchased a tone, it will be added to your device so you can use it right away.

how to buy a ringtone for iphone

How to Set a Song as a Ringtone on an iPhone

Yes, you can set a song as your ringtone on an iPhone. To do this, the song needs to be saved in your Files app or purchased and downloaded on your phone. You cannot use songs that are just streaming from Apple Music or other services such as Spotify. Once you have the song saved to your device, you can go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, and select the song from there.

Creating a Song as a Ringtone

To make a song into a ringtone, follow these steps:
1. On your smartphone’s home screen, tap Apps and then tap Settings.
2. Tap Sounds and Notifications.
3. Tap Ringtones > Add.
4. Choose a track from the songs already stored on your phone.
5. Tap the song you want to use as your ringtone.
6. Tap Done to save the song as your new ringtone.
And that’s it! Your chosen song is now set as your ringtone and will be heard whenever somone calls you.

Downloading Ringtones

To download a new ringtone, you’ll need to find an app or website that offers them. Popular apps include Zedge, Audiko, and Mobile9. Once you install the app on your device, you can browse through their library of available ringtones and select one to download. You may need to create an account with the app in order to download the ringtone. When you’ve found the ringtone you want, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it. Once it’s on your device, you can set it as your default phone ringtone from your device’s Settings menu.

how to buy a ringtone for iphone


In conclusion, setting a song as your ringtone is a great way to personalize your device and add a touch of individuality. It’s easy to do, simply by tapping Apps > Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Ringtones > Add on your smartphone’s home screen and selecting the song you want to use. You can choose from the songs already stored on your phone or purchase and download the ringtone onto it. With this simple process, you can make any track you like into your own personalized alert tone for clock alarms or incoming calls.

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