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Curology is an acne medication that has been proven to be extremely effective in treating moderate to severe cases of acne. Curology is unique because it not only treats the acne, but also helps to prevent future breakouts from occurring.

Curology is available as an online subscription service and requires a consultation with a licensed dermatologist in order to determine the best course of treatment. The cost of Curology will vary depending on the severity of your acne and the length of time you need to use the medication, but generally speaking, Curology is very affordable.

If you are looking for an effective and affordable acne treatment, Curology is definitely worth considering.

How Much Does Curology Actually Cost?

After the trial period, Curology pricing starts at $19.95 per shipment. Shipments are delivered once per month or eery 2 months, depending on your selection. Some products include free shipping while others incur an additional $4.95 shipping fee.

How Much Is Curology Monthly?

Curology is a monthly subscription service that costs $19.95 per month for a one-month supply of 14 mL, or $39.90 evey two months for a two-month supply of 27 mL. Shipping is an additional $4.95 per order.

Is Curology Cheaper Than A Dermatologist?

Curology products cost more than typical skin care products, but the cost is lower than seeking in-person treatment from a dermatologist.

Typically, dermatologists charge $100-200 for a single visit, and many people need to visit a dermatologist multiple times per year to address their skin concerns.

Curology's monthly subscription costs just $19.95, and you can cancel at any time. This makes Curology a more affordable option for people who want to address their skin concerns on an ongoing basis.

What Does Curology Cost After Free Trial?

After the free trial, you will be charged for this service on a monthly basis. Curology is a monthly subscription service that costs $19.95 per month.


How Big Is The Curology Trial Bottle?

The trial bottle size for Curology is 14 ml. The bottle size for my scond prescription was 27 ml. This means that the trial bottle is almost twice as big as the first bottle.

Can I Cancel Curology After Free Trial?

Yes, you can cancel Curology at any time. To begin the cancellation process, click ‘I want to cancel' at the bottom of your payment page. (You can access your payment page via the dropdown menu when logged in to your Curology account).

How Long Does Curology Trial Last?

Curology trial memberships typically last for 30 days. This allows for a small bottle of the Curology formula to be sent to the member, which can be used regularly to determine if the product is effective for them. If the member decides they would like to continue using Curology, their account will be billed monthly and they will receive a new bottle of formula every month. If the member does not want to continue using Curology afer the trial, they can cancel their subscription at any time.

What Happens If I Stop Using Curology?

If you stop using Curology, your skin will not worsen. It may take a little more time for your skin to heal and improve on its own, but the process has not been accelerated by the use of Curology.

Does Curology Actually Expire?

Yes, all skincare products expire. The reason is that the ingredients in skincare products can break down and lose their effectiveness over time. This is especially true for products that contain active ingredients, like those in Curology. So, it's important to make sure to use up your skincare products before they expire.

What Does Curology Do With Your Pictures?

Curology takes pictures of our patients' skin conditions in order to create and track their progress while using our products. These photos becoe part of your medical record and are kept confidential. Any photos or videos you see of other Curology members on our website or pages are posted by the members themselves or are taken specifically for marketing purposes with the members' consent.

Does Curology Clear Acne Scars?

Curology is a cream that is applied to the skin and helps to clear acne scars. The ingredients in the cream help to reduce inflammation and also help to promote wound healing. This can help to reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Does Curology Ask ID?

Yes, Curology asks for identification to ensure that our patients are who they say they are. This helps to protect your and personal information. If you have any questions about this you can and our team would be happy to help!

Can You Skip A Month Of Curology?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not you can skip a month of Curology. It really depends on the company's policies and your own personal account. Typically, if you don't want to receive the next monthly shipment, you shold contact the company's support team or change your next shipping date manually. Make sure you do so at least one to two days before your next shipment is about to be processed.

What Comes In A Curology Box?

A Curology box includes a 2-month supply of the cleanser, prescription superbottle, and moisturizer. The cleanser helps to remove excess oil, dirt, and other impurities from the skin while the superbottle helps to deliver the prescription medication to the skin. The moisturizer helps to hydrate and protect the skin.

How Long Does Curology Take To Clear Skin?

Many Curology patients start seeing results withn the first 4–8 weeks. So it can take at least 2 months to assess if acne medications like your Curology formula work for you.

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