How to Get My Old Wallpaper Back On iPhone

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IPhone is an incredibly powerful device and it comes with a range of unique, built-in features that make it stand out from all other smartphones. One of thse features is the wallpaper – a beautiful image or photo that you can use to customize your home screen. Unfortunately, when you upgrade your iPhone to a newer version, Apple often removes some of the older wallpapers from their wallpaper gallery.

This can be annoying if you are fond of one particular wallpaper and would like to use it again on your updated iPhone. Fortunately, there are ways to get your old wallpaper back on iPhone without having to restore its factory settings.

The frst way is to check whether your old wallpapers have been stored in the iPhone’s private\var\mobile\library directory. This directory contains all the wallpapers that were previously used on your device and if you are using an unlocked version of iOS, you can copy them out of this directory onto your computer for later use.

The second way is to search for third-party apps that specialize in providing wallpapers for iPhones. There are many such apps available in the App Store and they offer a wide range of wallpapers including those from previous versions of iOS as well as exclusive ones made specifically for iPhones. These apps also provide useful features such as categorizing wallpapers by type or allowing users to upload their own images and photos.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always take a screenshot of your current home screen and set it as your wallpaper on your updated iPhone. This technique will not work with dynamic wallpapers but should work with static images such as thoe found in Apple’s wallpaper gallery or third-party apps mentioned above.

Getting back an old wallpaper on an updated iPhone may not be easy but it is definitely possible! With the tips mentioned above, you should be able to find and install any wallpaper that was previously available on your device regardless of whether it was removed from Apple’s official gallery or not.

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Reverting an iPhone Wallpaper Back to Its Original Setting

To get your iPhone wallpaper back to the original, you will need to go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Here you can select from different Apple-provided wallpapers or choose one of your own photos. After selecting your desired wallpaper, tap Set and then choose eithr Set Lock Screen, Set Home Screen, or Set Both. Your iPhone’s wallpaper will now be set to the original.

The Fate of the Classic iPhone Wallpaper

The older wallpapers that came with iOS 15, iOS 14, and any other previous version of iOS have been officially removed by Apple from the iOS 16 wallpaper gallery. This includes all wallpapers that were exclusive to each iPhone model. Apple regularly updates its wallpaper selection with new designs and styles, so it appears they’ve decided to remove the older wallpapers to make room for newer options. If you’re looking for a specific wallpaper that is no longer available, you may be able to find it online on various websites or by searching through your device’s photo library.

Where Is the Location of IPhone Wallpaper Images?

The wallpaper image on an iPhone is stored in the private\var\mobile\library directory. This directory can be accessed and the wallpaper image copied to a PC if the iPhone is jailbroken. If not, then you will need to use a third-party app or a file explorer to access this directory and copy the wallpaper image out of it.

Restoring the Wallpaper on an iPhone 11

To get your wallpaper back on your iPhone 11, open the Settings app and tap Wallpaper. Under the preview of your Lock Screen, tap Customise. You can then choose between Customise Current Wallpaper or Add New Wallpaper. Select an image from either your Photo Library or one of the images provded by Apple. Once you have chosen your wallpaper, it will be applied to both your Lock Screen and Home Screen.

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