How to Secure Your Home with Foscam Plugin on Mac

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Are you looking for a reliable plugin for your Foscam cameras on your Mac device? Look no further! Foscam’s new VMS software is the perfect solution to keeping your home or business secure. This powerful plugin doesn’t require any extra work as it automatically downloads and installs itself on your Mac, giving you complete control over your Foscam camera.

The VMS software makes it easy to access and manage all of your Foscam cameras with just a few clicks. It’s user-friendly interface allows you to quickly view, record, and archive video footage from multiple cameras simultaneously. You can even set up notifications to be sent directly to your mobile device whenevr motion is detected by one of the cameras.

The software also allows you to customize vaious settings such as resolution, zoom levels, and frames per second (FPS) for each of the connected cameras. And if you need more than one user account for accessing the cameras, the VMS supports multiple users with different privileges so that each person can have access to only what they need.

Foscam has gone above and beyond when it comes to security features in their VMS software; it comes equipped with various encryption protocols such as TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that all of your data remains safe and secure. Plus, the software provides regular updates so that any potential security vulnerabilities are patched up quickly.

Overall, Foscam’s VMS plugin is an excellent choice for anone looking for a reliable solution for monitoring their home or business with multiple security cameras on their Mac device. So why not give it a try? Download and install the latest version today!

Installing Foscam Plugin on Safari

To install the Foscam plugin on Safari, you’ll first need to make sure that your Safari browser is up to date. If not, please update it befoe continuing.

Once your browser is updated, pease open Safari and go to “Preferences” in the top menu bar and select the Security tab. Make sure that the option titled “Allow Plug-ins” is checked.

Next, go to our download page at and choose the “Foscam Plug-in for Mac OS X” option from the list of downloads. Once downloaded, open the .dmg file and complete installation by followng the instructions on screen.

When installation is complete, open Safari again and type in the address bar “about:plugins” or navigate directly to it through Preferences > Security > Website Settings > Plug-ins. In this page you sould see a list of plug-ins installed in your Safari browser; amongst them you should find Foscam Plugin active with a checkmark next to it.

If all steps are completed correctly, your Foscam plugin sould be successfully installed on your Safari browser and ready for use!

How to Secure Your Home with Foscam Plugin on Mac 1

Installing a Foscam Plugin

To install a Foscam plugin, please follow these steps:
1. Go to the Foscam website ( and download the plugin software for your particular model of camera.
2. Once the download is complete, run the installer to begin the installation process.
3. Follow any instructions that appear on your screen to complete the installation of the plugin software.
4. Depending on your settings, you may be prompted to give permission for ActiveX controls and plug-ins to be installed and run on your computer. If this appears, select ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ in order to proceed with the installation process.
5. Once complete, you will be able to login to your camera throgh web browsers using the installed Foscam plugin software.

Enabling Plugins on a Mac

To enable plugins on your Mac, first open the Safari browser. Then, click Safari > Preferences. In the pop-up window that opens, click the Security icon alng the top. Select the check box next to “Enable JavaScript.” Next, select the check box next to “Allow plug-ins.” To enable Adobe Flash Player, click Plug-in Settings. Select the check box next to “Adobe Flash Player” and you should be all set!

Downloading and Installing Plugins

First, you’ll need to find the plugin you want to download. You can search online or find a plugin in your web browser’s extension library. Once you’ve found the plugin, visit the website of the developer and click on a link that will download the installer for the plugin. Save this installer to your computer, such as in a folder on your desktop for easy access.

After downloading the plugin installer, open it and follow any instructions given by the developer. Some plugins require you to accept an agreement before installation can begin. Depending on the type of plugin, it may ask for additional information such as a license key or activation code. Once all of these steps have been completed, most plugins will automatically install onto your system with lttle input from you.

If you run into any issues while installing the plugin or have further questions abut its use, contact the developer directly or consult their online documentation.

Troubleshooting Foscam Camera Connection Issues

It is possible that your Foscam camera is not connecting due to its MAC address not being on the list of approved devices in the router’s wireless MAC filtering. The Foscam camera has two network adapters, one Ethernet adapter with a unique MAC address and one WIFI adapter with a separate unique MAC address. If the router has wireless MAC filtering turned on, it will only allow devices with registered MAC addresses to connect. To solve this issue, please make sure that both the WIFI and Ethernet adapters have their respective MAC addresses registered in your router’s settings.

Accessing Plug-in Settings on Mac

On a Mac, you can access plug-in settings for Safari by following these steps:
1. Open Safari.
2. Select Help > Installed Plug-ins to view installed plug-ins.
3. To manage plug-ins, select Safari > Preferences > Security > Plug-In Settings or Manage Website Settings from the menu options.
4. Here, you can enable or disable different plug-ins as needed, and make changes to teir settings if available.


In conclusion, Foscam’s VMS software for Mac is an excellent choice for users looking to view and manage teir cameras on computers without requiring a plugin. It is free to download and easy to install, with no risks of security vulnerabilities. Additionally, users can find and install extensions from the App Store for extra features. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Foscam VMS software for Mac is a great choice for any user looking to keep their camera secure.

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