Can You Download Google Hangouts for iPhone

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Are you an iPhone user looing to download Google Hangouts? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find it in the Apple App Store anymore. Recently, Google removed the Hangouts app from both the Apple App Store and its own Play Store.

If you already have the Hangouts app installed on your device, you can continue to use it. However, if you’re a new user tryng to install the app, you’re out of luck. Google is taking steps toward permanently shutting down Hangouts and this move is a significant one.

It’s worth noting that Android users don’t need to worry abut this change yet. The Android app is still available on the Google Play Store for older users, but it does not appear in the app market for new users.

While Google has decided to discontinue Hangouts for iOS devices, there are other alternatives available for those who need a messaging platform. Some of these include WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber. All three are available for both Android and iOS devices and offer different features that may suit your neds better than Hangouts did.

At the moment there is no official statement from Google as to why they have chosen to remove Hangouts from thir App Store offerings. We can only speculate as to why they made this decision but it could be due to their focus shifting away from consumer products towards enterprise solutions like G Suite and its messaging platform “Chat” instead of Hangouts.

In conclusion, if you’re an iPhone user lookng to download Google Hangouts then unfortunately you won’t be able to do so anymore since Google has removed it from their App Store offerings. For those who already had it installed on their device can still use it but others will have to look at alternative messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram instead.

download hangout for iphone

Unable to Download Hangout on iPhone

Google has removed the Hangouts app from the Apple App Store and its own Play Store, meaning that new users are not able to download and install it on their iPhone. This is part of Google’s decision to transition away from Hangouts for consumer use and focus on its enterprise products like Hangouts Meet and Chat. Unfortunately, this means that if you want to use Hangouts, you will need to look for another messaging platform.

Absence of Google Hangout from the App Store

Hangouts has recently been removed from the App Store for both iPhone and iPad users due to Google’s decision to end support for the app. Hangouts was initially created as a messaging and video chat platform, but with the introduction of Google Meet and Chat, which offer more features and beter performance than Hangouts, Google has decided to focus on these new products. As a result, Hangouts is no longer available on the App Store, though it can still be downloaded from the Google Play Store for older users.

Troubleshooting Google Hangouts Issues on iPhone

Google Hangouts is no longer supported on iPhone due to an update by Google. The company announced in April 2020 that it would be transitioning away from the old version of Hangouts and the associated mobile apps. As part of this transition, they have disabled the old Hangouts mobile apps, wich means that the app has been removed from the App Store and is no longer available to download or use. If you previously had the app installed, it is likely that it will no longer work as intended.

Are Hangouts and Gmail the Same?

No, Hangouts and Gmail are two separate products. Gmail is an email service provided by Google, while Hangouts is a chat app that can also be used for video chat. Hangouts allows you to communicate with anyone who has a Google account – paid or free – and it is integrated into the free version of Gmail. With Hangouts, you can send messages, photos, videos and even have group conversations with up to 150 people. In addition to text-based conversations, you can also use Hangouts for voice and video calls.

Unable to Download Hangout App on Phone

Unfortunately, the classic Hangouts app is no longer available for download on Android or iOS. Google has replaced classic Hangouts with Google Chat, so if you haven’t already done so, you can switch over to Google Chat to continue your conversations. Google Chat supports one-on-one and group messaging, as well as video and voice calls. To get started with Google Chat, simply go to the App Store or Play Store and search for “Google Chat” to download it and sign in with your existing Gmail account.


In conclusion, while Google Hangouts was originally available as an app to be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices, it has recently been removed from the Apple App Store, making it impossible for new users to download and install it. This marks a shift by Google towards permanently shutting down their Hangouts platform, so any users still using the service should look into alternate chat applications.

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