How to Delete Multiple Emails on Mac

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Are you a Mac user looking for a way to delete emails in bulk? We’ve got you covered! Deleting multiple emails in bulk on your Mac is simple and easy. 

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through how to delete multiple emails on Mac. I’ll also cover a few other Mac email management and Mac mail storage tips too, so read on. 

The exact process does vary from one email client to another, but overall, the process is pretty similar. We will be focusing on the Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook web interfaces and the Mac Mail app, as these are the most popular email services on Mac. 

The first step is opening your email web interface. For example, if you’re using Gmail, go to and sign in. 

Then, make sure you’re in the email folder from which you’d like to delete emails. Once the emails are visible, start clicking on the small checkboxes next to the individual emails. Select as many emails as you would like. 

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Mac 1

On Gmail and Yahoo Mail, these checkboxes appear by default. On Outlook, you need to hover over each email for the checkbox to appear. 

You can also select emails in bulk. In Gmail and Yahoo, click on the checkbox at the top of the screen. This will select all emails on that page. 

You can also click on the small downward-facing arrow icon to filter for emails – for example, you can select only unstarred emails, so you don’t delete any emails you have starred and deemed important. 

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Mac 3

While the above screenshot is for Gmail, Yahoo has a very similar layout. 

On Outlook, selecting all emails on the page is a bit less intuitive. There is a small checkbox at the top-right of your emails, next to which is a small icon with three lines that you can click on to filter for emails, as shown in the following screenshot:

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Mac 5

Once all of your desired emails are selected, click on the trash icon (in Outlook and Gmail) or “Delete” (on Yahoo) from the menu bar at the top of your screen. This will delete all selected emails in one go! 

Finally, if you are using the Mail app on Mac, click on the filter icon at the top of the screen to select all emails, shown in the screenshot below in blue. Then, click on the trash icon delete all emails. 

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Mac 7

It’s important to note that deleting an email does not actually remove it from your computer – it simply moves it to a different folder called Trash. It will stay there for a certain time (usually 30 days) before it gets deleted automatically. 

If you want to permanently delete all deleted emails, you will need to open up the trash folder and manually delete all emails from there, using the same process as above. 

Selecting Multiple Emails on a Mac

Let’s talk a bit more about how to select multiple emails on Mac. Regardless of which Mac mail app or web interface you use, the process is pretty similar. 

To make a bulk Mac email selection, you will need to search for a checkbox at the top of your screen that allows you to select all of your emails at once. 

I have demonstrated how to do this in screenshots above. Note that this will only select all the emails on that page, but not on other pages. For example, Gmail might only show you 100 emails per page. 

Usually, though, Gmail will give you an option to select all the conversations in the folder once you select all the emails on the page, saving you time and effort. 

Deleting Multiple Emails in Bulk

To delete mail on Mac in bulk, first open your inbox. Then, check the box at the top of the page to select all conversations on that page. 

If you are in a specific folder, and you would like to select all conversations in the folder and not just on that page, click the text that says, “Select all conversations in [Folder]” for efficient email cleanup. 

Once you have selected the emails you’d like to delete, click the trash can icon to remove them from your inbox to complete the bulk email deletion process. 

Deleting Multiple Emails at Once on

To remove mail from a MacBook in bulk when using the email service, first select the folder you wish to delete emails from. 

Click on the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner. Then, click on Select All in the upper-left corner. Finally, click on the red trash icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Visit the support center for more inbox management tips. 

Deleting Multiple Emails on Mac Without Opening Them

To delete multiple emails on Mac without opening them, first select the folders you’d like to delete them from. 

If you are using the Mac Mail app, you can use Mac email shortcuts to manage your emails. After clicking on an email, hold down the shift button and click the down button to scroll down and select multiple emails at once for time-saving email deletion and better inbox organization. 

Deleting Hundreds of Emails Quickly

If you have an overflowing inbox, you can clear mail storage on Mac quickly and easily. The answer to “how do I select all emails on a Mac” has been answered earlier in this article. Simply use the checkbox at the top of the screen in the Mac Gmail interface (or any other email interface) and then click on the trash icon for mass email deletion. 


Hopefully, you now understand how to delete multiple emails on a Mac, regardless of which email service you are using. 

In the future, focus on better Mac email management best practices. For example, delete emails as they come in and unsubscribe from spam and promotional emails clogging your inbox. 

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