How to Connect Your iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV Easily

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Are you looking for a way to connect your iPhone to your Sony Bravia TV? The good news is that it’s possible to do so with just a few simple steps. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your Sony Bravia TV using AirPlay, Screen Mirroring, and Bluetooth.

Using AirPlay will allow you to stream content from your iPhone or iPad directly to your Sony Bravia TV. To do this, you’ll need to turn on the AirPlay feature on your Sony Smart TV. Once it’s enabled, you can open the AirBeamTV app and select your Sony Bravia TV in the list of available devices. Then enter the activation code shown on your TV screen into the app and start mirroring.

Screen Mirroring is another great option for connecting an iOS device to a Sony Bravia TV. To do this, open the Settings app on your device and navigate to Device Connection or Xperia Connectivity. Here you can select “Screen Mirroring” and then tap “Start” followed by “OK”. You should then see a list of available devices including your Sony Bravia TV whch can be selected for connection.

The final option for connecting an iPhone or iPad to a Sony Bravia TV is by using Bluetooth. To do this, open the main settings menu on the TV and select “Bluetooth Settings” from the Network & Accessories menu. Activate Bluetooth if necessary and then select “Add Device” fllowed by “Search and Pair” which should bring up a list of nearby devices including yours which can be selected for pairing. Once connected, content can be streamed directly from your device over Bluetooth.

We hope this post has been helpful in showing you how to connect an iPhone or iPad to a Sony Bravia TV using AirPlay, Screen Mirroring, or Bluetooth!

How to Connect Your iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV Easily 1

Connecting an iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV

To display your iPhone on your Sony Bravia TV, follow these five steps:
1. Turn on AirPlay on your Sony Smart TV. This can usually be done by pressing the ‘Home’ button on the remote and selecting the ‘AirPlay’ option from the menu.
2. Turn on the Screen Mirroring option on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, go to Settings > Control Center >Customize Controls and tap ‘Screen Mirroring’.
3. Select your Sony TV from the list of available devices for display mirroring and tap it to connect.
4. Enter an activation code that appears on the TV screen onto your device to confirm the connection beween them.
5. Enjoy watching what’s on your iPhone or iPad mirrored onto your Sony Bravia TV!

Mirroring an iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV

Yes, you can easily mirror your iPhone to your Sony Bravia TV uing the AirBeamTV app. All you need to do is open the AirBeamTV app on both your iPhone and Sony Bravia TV, and then start mirroring. Once the connection is established, any content from your Camera Roll on your iPhone or iPad will instantly appear on the TV screen. The AirBeamTV app offers more than just streaming of videos and apps – you can also view photos, documents, presentations and much more.

Connecting an iPhone to a Sony TV via Bluetooth

To connect your iPhone to your Sony TV via Bluetooth, first open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then tap Bluetooth and make sure it is turned on. Next, open the main settings menu on your Sony TV and select Network & Accessories, then select Bluetooth settings. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your Sony TV. On your iPhone, select the device name of your Sony TV from the list of availble devices. Once you have selected it, a code will appear on your TV screen that you will need to enter into your iPhone to complete the pairing process. Once you have entered the code correctly, the connection between your iPhone and your Sony TV should be established.

Does Sony Bravia Support AirPlay?

Yes, Sony Bravia TVs are now compatible with AirPlay 2. With AirPlay 2, you can easily stream content from your iPhone, iPad and Mac to your Sony TV. This includes watching movies and TV shows from iTunes, other video apps and viewing photos directly on the Sony TV. You can also use AirPlay 2 to mirror or extend the display from your device to your Sony TV.

Troubleshooting Issues with Casting iPhone to Sony TV

It is possible that your Sony TV doesn’t support AirPlay, the technology required to cast your iPhone to the TV. To double check, make sure AirPlay is turned on on the TV remote control. Press the (Input select) button and then select (AirPlay). Select AirPlay & HomeKit settings, and then turn on AirPlay. If AirPlay is already enabled, it’s possible that your Apple device isn’t compatible with your Sony TV. Check the specifications for both devices to ensure they are compatible. Additionally, verify that all cables are properly connected and that no oter software or applications are interfering with the connection.

Lack of Screen Mirroring Feature in Sony Bravia TVs

Unfortunately, the Sony Bravia does not support Screen Mirroring. This means that it is not possible to mirror the content of your device onto your TV screen. The reason for this is because the hardware specifications of the TV are not compatible with Screen Mirroring technology. If you are looking for a way to stream media from your device to your TV, you may want to consder using an alternate streaming method such as Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

Troubleshooting Screen Mirroring Issues on Sony Bravia TVs

It is possible that the device you are attempting to screen mirror from is not compatible with your Sony Bravia TV. To ensure the best connection, make sure that the device you are attempting to screen mirror from supports Miracast technology. Additionally, other wireless devices may be connected to your mobile device and interfere with the screen mirroring setup. To ensure a successful connection, disconnect any other wireless devices from your mobile device prior to attempting to set up screen mirroring. If you are stil having difficulty connecting your device, contact the manufacturer of your mobile device for further assistance.

The Best Screen Mirroring App for Sony Bravia

The AirBeamTV Screen Mirroring for Sony TV app is the best screen mirroring app to use with Sony Bravia TVs. It works on many popular phones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows phones. The app is easy to set up and provides a high-quality mirroring experience with minimal latency. It also supports streaming audio from your device to the TV speakers for a truly immersive experience.

Does Sony Bravia Smart TV Have Bluetooth?

Yes, Sony Bravia Smart TVs are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. They support the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), allowing you to connect compatible Bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers and enjoy TV sound though those devices. The compatible models include 2019, 2018 and 2017 TV models such as XBR-Z9G, XBR-X850F, XBR-X940E, XBR-X900F and XBR-X950E. To make sure your Sony Bravia Smart TV has Bluetooth connectivity, please check the model list on the official website.

Locating Bluetooth on a Sony Bravia TV

On a Sony Bravia TV, Bluetooth can be found in the Settings menu. To access this menu, go to the Home screen on your Sony Bravia TV and select the Settings icon. From there, select Remote & Accessories and then Bluetooth settings. Here you will be able to put the TV into pairing mode, add a device, or manage existing devices.

Connecting an iPhone to a Sony TV Without AirPlay

Answer: To connect your iPhone to your Sony TV without AirPlay, you will need an HDMI cable and an adapter. Start by plugging one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your TV. Then, use the other end to plug into the adapter. Finally, connect your iPhone to the adapter using a lightning cable. Once eveything is connected, switch your TV’s input to the HDMI input and your iPhone should start mirroring on the TV screen.


In conclusion, Sony Bravia TVs prvide a high-quality viewing experience, with features like AirPlay and Screen Mirroring allowing you to easily mirror your iPhone or iPad onto the TV. With Bluetooth capabilities and a variety of connection options, it’s easy to get connected with the Sony Bravia TV. The intuitive user interface makes it simple to navigate, and the 4K picture quality ensures a stunning viewing experience. Whether you’re watching movies or streaming your favorite shows, Sony Bravia TVs are an excellent choice for all your entertainment needs.

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