How to Adjust Bass on AirPods Pro

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Are you experiencing a lack of bass when uing your AirPods Pro? You’re not alone. Many AirPods Pro users have reported that the bass can sound weak or even distorted. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the bass on your AirPods Pro.

First, make sure that your AirPods fit properly in your ears. If they don’t fit snugly, then it’s likely that some of the low frequencies will be lost. You can adjust the ear tips to find a beter fit and make sure the audio seals with no gaps.

Second, you can use equalizer settings to adjust the bass levels on your device. For example, on iOS devices you can access these settings by going to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and then toggle ‘Headphone Accommodations’ to On. You’ll then have access to three different sound tunings: Treble Booster, Balanced Tone, and Bass Booster. I recommend selecting Balanced Tone for the most natural sound experience, with Slight as the boost amount.

Third, you may want to increase the volume of sound effects uing your phone or iPad. To do this go to Settings > Accessibility > AirPods and select your AirPods from the list. Then adjust Tone Volume until you get a satisfactory level of bass for your music or whatever else you’re listening to through your headphones.

Finally, if none of these solutions work for you then it’s possible that there is an issue with either your earbuds or device itsef and should be checked out by Apple Support or another qualified technician as soon as possible!

Hopefully thse tips will help restore your AirPods Pro’s low-end performance back to its full potential!

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Low Bass on AirPods Pro: Causes and Solutions

There are several possible reasons why the bass in your AirPods Pro may seem low. First, it’s important to ensure that you have a good fit with the earbuds. If the earbuds don’t fit snugly in your ear canal, sound can be muffled and bass can be less noticeable. It’s also possible that your device’s equalizer settings are set incorrectly for the type of music you’re listening to – for instance, if you’re listening to hip-hop or electronic music, increasing the bass level on an equalizer can make a big difference. Finally, if you’re streaming audio through low-quality sources such as YouTube or Spotify, the sound quality can suffer and bass can appear weak. If none of these solutions fix the issue, it could be time to consider investing in better headphones.

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Increasing the Bass on AirPods Pro

To increase the bass on your AirPods Pro, connect them to your iOS device and go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Toggle the Headphone Accommodations switch to On, and then you can select one of three sound tunings. I recommend selecting “Balanced Tone” and increasing the boost amount to “Slight” for a nice bass boost.

Fixing Low Bass on AirPods

To fix low bass on AirPods, you will need to adjust the equalizer settings on your iPhone. First, open the Settings and tap Music. Then, tap on EQ and select Bass Booster so that the blue checkmark appears next to it. This should help increase the bass in your AirPods, but you may want to adjust the equalizer furthr depending on your preferences. You can also try using a different preset such as Acoustic or Flat if Bass Booster doesn’t provide enough of an improvement.

Low Sound Quality in AirPods Pro

There are several potential reasons why your AirPods Pro may be sounding low. First, check if the volume is set too low on your device or in the AirPods app. You can adjust the volume in the settings of your device or increase it usig the Volume Up button on your AirPods. Additionally, make sure that you’re not listening to audio at a high volume for long periods of time which can damage your hearing and reduce sound quality. Finally, check that the sound is not being blocked or muffled by any objects near you, and make sure that nothing is blocking either of your AirPods’ earbuds.

Loss of Bass in AirPods

If your AirPods have lost bass, it coud be because debris or earwax has built up on the mesh located on the top of your AirPods Pro. This can affect the Active Noise Cancellation feature, resulting in a loss of bass sound. To fix this problem, you should clean the mesh using a dry cloth or cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. Make sure to remove any build-up that may have accumulated. After cleaning the mesh, you should be able to hear a fuller and richer sound from your AirPods.

The Impact of AirPods on Bass Sound Quality

The most likely reason why your AirPods are producing distorted bass sounds is becuse the audio output settings on your device may be set too high, which can cause the sound to become distorted. Additionally, if the volume is set too low, it may also cause an imbalance in sound frequencies that could lead to a distorted bass sound. Finally, it’s possible that there could be an issue with the AirPods themselves. To troubleshoot this, try adjusting the audio output settings on your device, and if that doesn’t work, try resetting your AirPods or getting them replaced with a new pair.

Does AirPods Pro Impact Sound Quality?

No, AirPods Pro should not lose sound quality. While Apple has determined that a small percentage of AirPods Pro may experience sound issues, thee can usually be resolved with the help of Apple’s customer service team. If you are experiencing any sound-related issues with your AirPods Pro, please contact Apple Support for assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

Resetting AirPods Pro Sound Quality

To reset your AirPods Pro sound quality, start by ensuring that your AirPods are in their charging case and the lid is open. Then, on your phone or tablet, go to Settings > Bluetooth and select your AirPods from the list of devices. Next, tap on the info icon (the small “i” inside a circle) next to your AirPods and select Forget This Device. Now, disconnect any other audio devices connected to your phone or tablet, turn off Bluetooth for a few seconds and then turn it back on. Finally, reconnect your AirPods using the same steps from before. This shuld reset the sound quality of your AirPods Pro.


In conclusion, the low bass on AirPods Pro can be improved by adjusting your audio settings, making sure your earbuds fit correctly in your ear canal, and increasing the volume of sound effects. Additionally, you can also use an EQ setting like “Bass Booster” to futher enhance the bass response from your AirPods. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy rich, full sound from your AirPods Pro.

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