How to Buy AirPods From Klarna

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If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a pair of Apple AirPods, now you can with Klarna! Klarna is an online payment service that makes it easy to break up the cost of your purchase into four easy, interest-free payments. It works just as easily in-store, with Apple Pay.

Klarna makes the process of buying AirPods a breeze. All you have to do is select the item you’d like to buy and enter your account information. Then, Klarna will split the cost into four installments with no additional fees or interest charges. With each installment, you’ll receive an email notification so you can stay on top of your payments and make sure they’re all taken care of in time.

One great thing about Klarna is that it also offers Apple Pay as a payment option. This means that if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use Apple Pay to make purchases quickly and securely — no need to enter in all your credit card information every time you want to buy something! And if you don’t own an Apple device, no problem; Klarna will accept all major debit and credit cards for purchases both online and in store.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy the convenience of AirPods today with Klarna! With its easy payment plans and secure checkout process, it has never been easier or more affordable to get your hands on the latest technology from Apple.

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Does Klarna Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Klarna does accept Apple Pay as a payment option in our app. You simply need to add your Apple Pay account to the app and you can use it to make payments or purchases. Please note that we do not accept prepaid cards. We do, however, accept all oher major debit and credit cards.

Buying AirPods on a Payment Plan

Yes, you can buy AirPods on a payment plan. Apple Card Monthly Installments allws you to purchase AirPods and pay for them in six monthly installments. When you use Apple Card Monthly Installments, you will be billed for one installment every month for six months. Plus, if you use Apple Card to purchase your AirPods, you’ll get 3% Daily Cash back on your purchase.

Can Afterpay Be Used With AirPods?

Yes, you can do Afterpay with AirPods. Afterpay is an online payment service that allos you to split the total cost of your purchase into four manageable payments over a period of 8 weeks. Many online retailers, including Apple, now offer AirPods through the Afterpay service. Simply select the ‘Afterpay’ option at checkout and enter your payment details to get started. You’ll be required to pay for the first installment upfront, with the remaining three payments due every two weeks thereafter. There’s no interest or additional fees when using Afterpay so long as all of your payments are made on time.

Comparing Klarna and Apple Pay

Klarna is not exactly like Apple Pay, but it does offer similar payment options. With Klarna, you can split the cost of your purchase from any online store into four smaller interest-free payments. You can also use Klarna with Apple Pay to make in-store purchases and enjoy the same convenient payment system. However, unlie Apple Pay, Klarna does not require you to use a credit or debit card to make purchases – instead you can pay directly from your bank account. Plus, when you shop with Klarna, you get extra protection for your purchase and access to exclusive discounts and offers.

How Does Using Klarna Impact Credit Scores?

No, using Klarna does not directly affect your credit score. However, informaion such as payment holidays and existing, late and unpaid balances may be visible on your credit file to other lenders. Therefore, it is important to make timely repayments to build a positive history when using Klarna’s payment options.

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What Items Cannot Be Purchased With Klarna?

Klarna does not allow purchases of any of the folloing items: Bill or rent payments, gift card providers, governmental agencies, medical care, online gaming or gambling, rideshare services, subscription services, drugs or alcohol. Additionally, Klarna does not permit the purchase of weapons or ammunition, cryptocurrencies or virtual currency such as Bitcoin and digital currencies. Klarna also does not allow purchases from adult websites.

Does the Apple Store Offer Afterpay?

Yes, the Apple Store does have Afterpay. With Afterpay at the Apple Store, you can pay for your purchase in four interest-free installments. All you need to do is select Afterpay as your payment option at checkout and enter your details to complete your order. There are no extra fees or charges to use Afterpay, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of Apple products without worrying about paying for them all at once.

Will Afterpay Affect My Credit Score?

No, using Afterpay will not hurt your credit score. Afterpay does not report to credit reporting agencies, so your credit score will remain unaffected by using it. Additionally, when you first join Afterpay, they run a soft credit check which does not impact your credit score in any way. Therefore, you can use Afterpay without worrying about it affecting your credit score.

Does Amazon Accept Afterpay?

Yes, Amazon does take Afterpay! Afterpay is a payment option that allows you to pay for your purchase over four equal payments, due every two weeks. To use Afterpay on Amazon, simply open your Afterpay app and click on “Amazon” in the ‘Shop’ tab. Then add the products you’d like to purchase to your basket and enter your shipping and account details. With Afterpay, you can shop now and pay latr without any interest or fees!

Is Klarna Incurring Losses?

Klarna has seen fluctuating fortunes in recent years, with its net income/loss showing a downward trend btween 2017 and 2019. In 2020 and 2021, Klarna posted losses of -167 million and -730 million respectively. This suggests that the company is indeed currently in a period of financial difficulty, with its losses mounting year-on-year.

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Reasons for Klarna Declines

Klarna is declining certain transactions to promote financial wellness and protect our customers. We take a very careful approach to ensure that any purchases are made responsibly and in line with our own regulatory, ethical, and risk standards. For example, we do not accept utility bills or rent payments, food or delivery services, or gift card providers as these purchases may be more difficult to manage financially long-term. We want to make sure that all of our customers can enjoy their purchases responsibly and wihout putting themselves at risk of financial difficulty.

Comparing Klarna and Afterpay

Klarna and Afterpay are both great apps that allow you to buy now and pay later, but Klarna is the better option. Klarna offers more financing options, including pay-over-time, interest-free financing, and instant decisions for qualifying customers. Plus, it has a marketplace with over 200 retailers, which is more than twice as many as Afterpay’s marketplace. Lastly, Klarna can create virtual card numbers that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. All of this makes it the clear choice for those loking for a convenient way to purchase items without having to make the full payment upfront.


In conclusion, AirPods bought through Klarna are a great way to break up the cost of your purchase into smaller, interest-free payments. With Apple Pay, you can easily pay for your AirPods in-store, and with Afterpay you can spread the cost over four manageable payments. The convenience of being able to buy now and pay later makes AirPods an attractive purchase for many consumers.

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