OnePlus  Tipped to Launch New Smartphone in January with 5G Network Support

September 8, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

OnePlus is skipping its usual launch pattern, it seems. The Chinese smart phone manufacturer is well poised to launch the ‘T’ version of its flagship OnePlus 6 smartphone in the coming months. But contrary to expectations, OnePlus might not be pulling the trigger early like before.

According to reports from China, OnePlus has set January 15 as a major date to watch out for, confirming the matter through its official social media account in Weibo. This might appear as the initial teaser, as OnePlus hasn’t yet revealed anything else.

Now, reports have related the launch with a 5G device, making it among the first to embrace the next-gen network technology. The words haven’t yet come from the manufacturer yet, however, OnePlus has already hinted that it would be launching a 5G phone by 2019.

Chipset manufacturers are already equipping the required modems for 5G connectivity, but much would depend upon how quick network providers rolls out the technology. American carriers seem poised to rollout 5G support by the year end. However, with OnePlus more keen on markets including Asia and Europe, it needs to be seen whether the company will be rolling out a device for the said purpose at an early date.

As with other specifications, the upcoming OnePlus 6T is rumored to feature a water drop notch atop the display similar to the one that was featured in the Oppo F9 Pro. The internal specifications are likely to be varied from that of OnePlus 6, though reports suggest that OnePlus could up the storage capacity to take on the likes of Galaxy Note 9.

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