Apple Unlikely to Rush with Fingerprint on Display Tech

September 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s only a week left for Apple to get the wraps off its new iPhone offering. But with rumour mills have already brought around what to expect, the focus now tends to have shifted to iPhone awaiting release the next year.

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has now predicted that despite on-screen fingerprint sensing technology spreading to new devices like wildfire, Apple won’t be following the suit. Accordingly, Apple won’t have its iPhone for 2019 fitted with Fingerprint on Display (FOD) technology.

It might sound weird, but Apple’s move seems justified though it reflects the reluctance of the company in embracing the Android trends. On-screen fingerprint display was first featured in Vivo, and it was later carried forward by companies including Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. Market leader Samsung too is poised to introduce the feature by this year or the next.

But Apple would skip the route and rather wait for major breakthroughs in the technology. That points to a technology that would get rid of spot fingerprint detection on the screen. Current technology forces users to place their finger on a specific spot on the display.

Researches are now headed in the direction of a technology that would let users place their finger anywhere across the display and have the biometric authenticated. If Apple decides to stay off from the current technology, it could help them flush in more time and research for a better on-screen fingerprint technology.

Another reason why they are showing the reluctance is due to the facial recognition technology. Apple’s FaceID is currently serving as the sole biometric option in iPhoneX, and it has so far done an impeccable job in that regard. With that backing, Apple would want to spread the technology to more of its iPhones, and a sudden u-turn to fingerprint sensors might not just work well to their game.

As a result, Android devices are expected to continue as the test bed for on-screen fingerprint experiments. Still, rumours haven’t yet put down the hope of having FOD on an iPhone in the next year.

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