Instagram Multi-Account Support Goes Live

February 11, 2016, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s finally over – the testing period of Instagram’s support for switching your accounts at ease. The Facebook-owned company has officially announced that they have started rolling out multiple account support for its smartphone app in the latest update.

Version 7.15 of the image-hosting app now features the multi-account support on both Android as well as iOS devices. Instagram is making the services go live after months of beta testing for select Android and iOS users.

The beta was initially commenced for Android users during November last year, upon which registered users of the Instagram’s beta testing group got access to tryout account switching in their Android devices.


Users can find the option to add an account under the settings option in their profile tab. Once an additional account is provided, Instagram will keep displaying the profile picture of your account to remind you of the account you are currently using. It will also have an option to switch between accounts by just tapping on the display picture, or from the profile name section in profiles tab.

Up to five accounts can be added on a single device. Instagram will also let notifications for all those accounts, along with an indication of from which account the notification has been pushed.

Get the latest update from Google Play/ App Store before you check the presence of these new services. Don’t worry even if you haven’t found the changes taking place after the update. Instagram has mentioned that the roll-out would be gradual. Also, there are some server-side changes being carried out for this new feature on Androids.

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